Beverly Cemetery

12000 S Kedzie Ave, Blue Island, IL 60406 | 708-385-0750 | MAP

History of Beverly Cemetery
Beverly Cemetery, a non-denominational cemetery, was founded in the early 1920s. Dr. Franklin Porter, President of the Beverly Cemetery Company, was one of the forbearers to offer families a perpetual cemetery care plan at no cost to them. At that time, Beverly was considered “a modern burial park,” and the concept continues today. From the majestic gates at the front of the park to the beautiful fountain in the center lake, the feeling of Beverly Cemetery was and continues to be that of serenity and tranquility. The charm of its stately trees and winding roads enhances the feeling of peace and solitude. Dr. Porter’s intention was for Beverly Cemetery to be a “park-like” setting where families could visit loved ones surrounded by natural beauty.

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