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History of Calcaterra Funeral Home
Calcaterra Funeral Home was established by Paul Calcaterra in 1921. In the early years, Mr. Calcaterra did the embalming at Frank Borghi’s grandmother’s house on Cooper (now Marconi) Street. Longtime employees, Frank and his wife, Rose, worked at the funeral home until they retired in 1998; Frank managed the funeral home after Mr. Calcaterra died in 1970.

Calcaterra’s first funeral service was held in 1931. Known as "the choice of the Italian community,” the funeral home has always been located "on the hill" on Daggett Street, and truly is a landmark of the Italian neighborhood. Although it’s been completely renovated since it was opened in 1931, Calcaterra Funeral Home continues to meet the needs of the community while keeping the great Italian décor for which it is known.

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