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History of Carr & Erwin Funeral Home
Carr & Edwin funeral home originally was owned by E. A. Hendrickson, M. P. Sumners, Guy Young, Mabel K. Young and Cordie Young. The business was registered in 1935 as Hendrickson-Sumners-Young Inc. as Undertakers and Funeral Directors. It was located on the town square in Pulaski, Tenn. The business name was changed to Pulaski Funeral Home in 1936.

In 1967, Pulaski Funeral Home was sold to J. W. Carr, Jr. and Robert M. Erwin, Sr. The name was later changed to Carr & Erwin Funeral Home. The building has had several additions since then, including a garage, apartment, and preparation facilities.

We’re proud to offer the best service to the families of Pulaski and Giles County.

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