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History of Corrigan Craciun Funeral Home

CORRIGAN CRACIUN FUNERAL HOMES was founded in 1937 by Lester “Les”, Leslie “Mike” and their sister Bea Corrigan with her husband John J. “Jack” Rae. Les and Mike put their sister through school and Bea became one of the first females in Ohio to get her Funeral director and embalming license. The funeral home started at 14768 Lorain Ave. in Cleveland.

In 1948 the family decided to branch out to Fairview Park, OH (called Parkview at the time). The property was acquired at 20820 Lorain Rd. and John and Bea were allowed to move into the converted house and lived on the second floor for quite a few years with their family. In 1961 it was decided to demolish the converted house and build a brand new state of the art Funeral home producing the timeless building that you see now. The building was designed to blend with Fairview Park City Hall across the street and later with the board of education building that was next door.

Some facts:

The original Corrigan homestead was a 6 acre farm on the property that is now Fairview General Hospital.

The family moved from the “farm” into the large white house at the corner of Claire and Rocky River drive. That house had bluish commercial windows installed at the same time the Funeral home had its windows replaced. It is a West Park landmark and many in the area still refer to it as the “Corrigan Home”. Lester and Mike were identical twins. Due to scheduling issues, it was not unusual for them to switch which funeral they were working with and the family would never know which brother it was.

Lester and Mike married sisters and lived together their entire lives with their wives and Lester’s three children, Kay, Marge and Tom in that house on Rocky River Dr.

John J. Rae ended up changing his name to Corrigan so that it matched the business.

Two of Jack and Bea’s sons, Gary and Jim, had funeral directors licenses and bounced in and out of the industry over the years.

Thomas A. Corrigan graduated in the very first class at St. Edward High School In 1953 and then attended the university of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. He attended the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science and graduated in 1959. He worked actively at the funeral home until 2005.

He had ten children and most worked at the funeral home growing up, but only his eldest son, Thomas P. Corrigan, received his license in 1984 and joined the industry as a funeral director. He still works at the funeral home and is currently managing the Fairview Park location where he lived upstairs for many years.

Thomas P. Corrigan now continues his grandfather and great uncle’s tradition and commitment to excellent family service. Thomas P. lives and has been very active in the Fairview Park/Rocky River area including awards for Business Person of the Year and Citizen of the Year.

In 2006 The Corrigan funeral home became a proud member of the Dignity network of over 2300 locations.

In 2009 the Craciun name was added to the Corrigan buildings.

John Jr. and Yolanda Craciun, Founder.
John J. Craciun Jr., 1983

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