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History of Davenport Memorial Park
Davenport Memorial Park began in 1929 on a tract of farm ground located in the northern outskirts of the city. Nestled between two other cemeteries, the development plan took full advantage of existing ground contours. The front gate was located at the center of the south boundary in a small valley coming down from the high ground on either side. This natural low point was the perfect place for the creation of our duck pond with its own waterfall, the first landscape architecture of this type in our community.

Proceeding north from the entrance, a broad double boulevard leads directly to our signature bell tower, positioned on one of the highest points of ground in the metro area. To this day, the bell tower remains such a dramatic and visible landmark that it is used as a ground reference point by the military’s high performance flight teams during their appearance at the area’s annual air show.

The use of landscape architecture to accentuate natural beauty continues throughout the grounds. Statuary, bronze features and brick or stonework are combined with plantings to create visual interest. In the 1990s, the Park joined forces with local veteran groups to create the unique etched granite All Veterans Memorial in the northernmost area of the grounds.

The innovation and high quality of the Park’s appearance have guided development of programs for the benefit of the families using it. Buyer protection, child protection, the most complete range of products and services, nationwide portability, bereavement travel benefits, extensive cremation options, seven-day-a-week-year-round service and assistance availability, grave site decoration services, and memorial benches-- are all offerings pioneered by Davenport Memorial Park.

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