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History of Deware Funeral Home
Founded by Donald and Robert Deware in 1939, the Deware Funeral Home has served the Quincy and South Shore community for over 70 years. Originally named The Deware Brothers Funeral Home, the original location was 576 Hancock Street in the Wollaston section of Quincy. The location a – a former children’s theatre, which had also spent time as a sportsmen’s club – was one of the first "Funeral Chapels" in the Boston area. During this period in time most "undertakers" worked from storefronts and wakes and funerals were held in the home or church of the deceased. The Deware brothers helped introduce the tradition of visitation at the funeral home to the Quincy and South Shore area. In addition, they also operated one of the few ambulance services. The Deware Brothers served Quincy into the 1950’s when the increased demands at the funeral home made it necessary to sell the ambulance service.

After the death of Robert Deware in 1979, Donald Deware continued to operate the funeral home until his son D. Scott Deware entered the profession in 1983, and the name was changed to The Deware Funeral Home.

As the Deware building at 575 Hancock Street has changed in its shape and appearance over the years, so too has the city and surrounding communities that the Deware Funeral Home serves. With these changes have come new challenges. The challenge to stay on the forefront of the profession and adapt to a changing world while maintaining a sense of tradition and stability for our families has been the primary one. The City of Quincy is a true picture of the melting pot that is our nation." In few other places will you find the cultural diversity that you can find in Quincy and we are proud to be able to play a part in helping families preserve the traditions, heritage and culture of their past.

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