Reducing the Odds of Home Invasion

If your home is your castle, then it’s possible that someone may eventually try to storm your palace and cross the drawbridge without your consent.

Human history seems to be a succession of one group invading another’s territory without approval. Today’s home invasion crime is a modern-day version of this. As pirates centuries ago invaded ships to steal their gold, today’s thugs will break into homes to steal things of value, including money, electronics or even a person’s identity.

A home invasion is a crime where someone enters a home with the express purpose of robbing and/or assaulting someone. In the typical scenario, it is night time and everyone is asleep. Outside, a criminal waits to enter and so that he can take what he wants. What is on his mind? First of all, he doesn’t want to get caught.

So how do you protect yourself? The solution many people come to is an alarm system, but it is not as simple a decision as many believe.

First of all, there is the installation cost. Even if that is waived, as it is with some companies, there will be a monthly fee. This will pay for the center that gets the alerts and dispatches the police (after trying to verify whether or not the alarm is false).

With other services, a private security patrol may be provided to go and check the property personally, as well as to keep an eye on the area. This is an important feature to ask about if you are considering an alarm company. It’s also important to remember that these representatives are not law enforcement officers. They can look for trouble and contact the authorities, but they cannot, in most cases, take action.

Another thing to consider is where that monitoring service is located. Some people have been astonished to discover that when their alarm went off in Toledo, it was a dispatcher in Atlanta that handled the alert. The location of the monitoring service could have an impact on the timeliness and familiarity the service has with the area or the local law enforcement.

A way to test whether or not the placement of the monitoring service will have an impact on response time is to test it. Run a test and see how long it takes the service to contact you or for the private patrol to arrive. This will give you an indication as to whether the alarm company is up to the task of protecting your home.

Another consideration is whether or not the provider will want a long-term service contract. It may offer discounts for signing one, but contracts also sacrifice your ability to change companies when, and if, you ever find its service too expensive or unsatisfactory.

The decision about alarms depends upon the individuals wishing to use them, their area, and the expectation for service. The simple fact is that many cannot afford the option. There is no doubt that the loud squeal of an alarm will scare off criminals, however. It jeopardizes their primary motive – not getting caught.

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