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The Asian Funeral

Many people of Asian origin living in the United States combine their native cultural traditions with Christian funeral practices.  Read More

The Benefits of Planning Your Military Funeral or Cremation Service

By planning your funeral or cremation service today, you can ensure the military protocols or traditions of your choosing are included, while making life much easier for your loved ones.  Read More

The Buddhist Funeral

Reincarnation plays an important role in Buddhist funeral traditions. Buddhists see death as a transition from this life to the next, bringing the soul closer to nirvana, a state of absolute bliss.  Read More

The Catholic Funeral

A traditional Catholic funeral consists of three main rites: The Vigil (also known as the Wake), the celebration of the Eucharist (formerly called the Requiem Mass), and the Committal.  Read More

The Hindu Funeral

In the Hindu faith, death is a sad occasion, but priests emphasize the journey ahead for the departed soul and the funeral serves as a celebration as well as a remembrance.  Read More

The Hispanic Funeral

In most Hispanic cultures, death is viewed as the soul’s return home, and funerals are regarded as a part of the natural process of dying. As with any major event, funerals are family affairs in which everyone participates.  Read More

The Holidays, Trauma and Loss: A Time For Healing And A Time To Make Meaning

Significant life changes, joyous or painful, usually elicit some kind of “anniversary” reaction. This period of remembering usually refers to a specific time frame after an event has occurred; a week, month, and most commonly, a year.   Read More

The Jewish Funeral

The Jewish funeral is a modest, solemn religious service designed to honor the dead and provide support to the deceased’s family and friends as they grieve.  Read More

The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name...  Read More

The Muslim Funeral

According to Islamic custom, Muslims bury their dead as soon as possible in order to free the soul from the body, typically within 24 hours.  Read More

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