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No one wants to think about their death any sooner than they must, but planning your funeral and cemetery services in advance, called “preplanning” or “prearranging,” is a responsible, caring act that can reduce stress for your grieving loved ones. It’s easy to understand how making decisions now about your final arrangements can help assure those left behind that your wishes are being honored.


“I’m glad I prearranged my funeral and cemetery services because after losing my wife a couple of months ago, I don’t want my family to have any worries or go through what I had to go through both emotionally and financially.”

- Jerome M., 62
Addison, IL

Take responsibility for your arrangements.

Just as estate planning and creating a will are responsible actions, planning your final arrangements in advance makes emotional and financial sense and protects your loved ones from the burden of planning services for you.


Eliminate guesswork for your family.

When you prearrange your funeral and cemetery services, you’ll help alleviate your family’s burden of making difficult decisions at what will be an already difficult time. With your wishes recorded, they won’t be left to guess what you would have wanted. 


Personalize your service.

Making your final arrangements in advance allows you to influence all elements of your services, including songs, readings or other personal details that are important to you. It’s your funeral – it should celebrate your life, your way.


Avoid emotional overspending.

By communicating exactly which merchandise and services you want, you can keep your family from purchasing unnecessary additions to your services.


Find the value and quality you want.

Investigating different funeral homes and cemeteries is an important part of making final arrangements. Comparison shopping allows you to find the value and quality of service that’s right for you.


Lock in today's prices.

If you choose to fund your prearranged funeral plans, you can lock in today’s prices for products and services that likely will be more expensive in the future. It is important to work with a funeral professional to understand your options.


Whether you simply want to ensure that your wishes are carried out, or you want to protect your family from making difficult decisions at a time of loss, planning your final arrangements in advance is an important responsibility, and one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones.

So don’t wait. Start planning now. Contact a Dignity Memorial provider near you, request a Personal Planning Guide or use our free online tool to make your selections now and share them with your loved ones.

Make Your Plan Today

Make Your Plan Today

Julie's Preplanning Story

Preplanning a funeral in advance, for yourself or someone else, allows you and your family to focus on what matters most.
Watch Julie's story.

Plan Your Arrangements in Four Easy Steps

Once you realize how important it is to plan your own arrangements in advance, it’s easy to begin your plan.  Click here to learn how.

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Start the Conversation

The conversation about advance funeral and cemetery planning doesn’t need to be hard. Use these tips to start the conversation with your family about the importance of making arrangements in advance.

Click here to learn more.