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History of Langevin El Paraiso Funeral Home

Langevin El Paraiso Funeral Home was founded in January 1906 by Fred E. Shaw and A.L. Flint and known as Flint-Shaw Funeral Home. It was located on North 2nd St. in Yakima, WA. In 1928 it became Shaw-Webb Funeral Home and in 1940, it became Chapman-Poulin. In 1953,it became Langevin-Meyer Funeral Home and following the death of Mr. Meyer, it was known as Langevin Funeral Home until 1962. At that point, Larry Langevin formed a partnership with Lyle Mussetter and renamed the funeral home, Langevin-Mussetter Funeral Home. It was during this time that Larry Langevin and Lyle Mussetter built the existing “state of the art” funeral home at 1010 West Yakima Ave. The slogan “A tradition of Caring,” which continues today, was then started. In 1982, it was sold to Royal Keith, Virg Umbarger and Joe Merritt. A unit of Service Corporation International purchased the funeral home in 1990.

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