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History of Memorial Park Cemetery

Memorial Park Cemetery opened in 1928 under the leadership of J.C. McNaghten. The cemetery grounds offer a park-like setting of lush, green gardens. To enhance the openness and flowing nature of the park, bronze memorialization of those interred was set flush to the ground. On March 8, 1928 the city of Amarillo, Texas, approved the petition of Suburban Cemeteries to dedicate a 25-acre tract of land for cemetery purposes to the public use, forever to be known as Memorial Park Cemetery. Over the years, religious statuary and cultural features were added to Memorial Park's gardens to provide guests with a tranquil and peaceful place to reflect. In 1960, the park's first chapel mausoleum building was constructed, allowing for above-ground entombment both inside the climate-controlled building and outside. In recent decades a larger chapel mausoleum and three additional mausoleum buildings were added. The park has grown to 30 developed acres with an additional 30 acres awaiting future development.

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