Oak Hill Cemetery II

11900 South Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60803 | 708-385-0132 | MAP

History of Oak Hill Cemetery II
Oak Hill Cemetery II was incorporated on Jan. 24, 1902, by a group of gentlemen of Swedish descent. It was originally established to serve Swedish families on the south side of Chicago. The cemetery was dedicated on Oct. 19, 1902, followed shortly by the first burial on Oct. 26, 1902. The Oak Hill Cemetery Chapel-Mausoleum was built in 1921 and the chapel was dedicated May 1922. It was erected by the E. P. Strandberg Co. The architect was Conny Ramberg. Although the building itself is impressive with its stained glass windows, huge pillars, marble interior, crypts and niches, it is the sentiment on the granite above the entrance door that leaves the message the association chose to express: "May this temple ever proclaim liberty in religion. The existence of an omni present God, the immortality of the soul."

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