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History of Oak Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park

Oak Hill Memorial Park, with its more than 350 magnificently landscaped acres, has been in existence since 1839. It is the oldest secular cemetery in California and is rich with history of the early pioneers who settled here after arriving in covered wagons. Its serene and welcoming environment is host to the many settlers who influenced the formation of San Jose. Burials at Oak Hill include Charles Doerr, a baker who served on the San Jose City Council in the 1890s, Abram Agnew, and members of the Donner party, including Curtner, Schallenberger, Reed, Eddy and Murphy -- names that recall heroic struggles to settle a new frontier and build a new city and state. The park's monuments and private mausoleums represent its rich historic past and its ethnic diversity.

A haven for a variety of wild animals and a habitat for several species of birds, Oak Hill features an array of oak, sequoia, cedar and pepper trees in its landscape. Today Oak Hill Memorial Park and Oak Hill Funeral Home stand strong as a non-denominational cemetery and non-denominational funeral home welcoming all religions and cultures. This peaceful park will continue to welcome all who wish to be laid to rest here, their families secure in the knowledge that their loved ones also will be part of Oak Hill's history that has stood the test of time.

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