Celebrate life’s special sauce with a BBQ funeral

For some people, barbecue is more than a favourite food—it’s a way of life. From a secret sauce recipe to a trademark way of preparing a beef brisket or slab of pork ribs, some folks are famous for barbecue techniques that bring friends and neighbours to their knees. For that person, only a BBQ funeral service will do.

Let us help you create a customized BBQ memorial service that matches his or her passion for the grill.

Imagine an outdoor setting complete with picnic tables covered in red-and-white checkered cloths, twinkling white lights and a live country band. Imagine sweet iced tea and cold beer along with all the BBQ guests can eat.

White paper lanterns hang from the trees.

A stack of black napkins with a quote on them

Woman plays music in a band at an outdoor BBQ funeral celebration.

Jars of Bill's BBQ sauce sit on a tray at an outdoor BBQ funeral celebration.

Imagine sending guests home with a jar of your loved one's revered barbecue sauce and a never-before-revealed recipe to recreate for years to come.

Imagine funeral planning differently

A funeral or memorial service should be a one-of-a-kind celebration. Everyone has their own unique story. How do you want to tell yours? Imagine is a book full of ideas for creating a beautiful and unforgettable remembrance for yourself or a loved one. Download Imagine to begin planning an unforgettable tribute today.


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