Charlotte Rose Petersen

27 October, 193516 July, 2021

On July 16, 2021 Charlotte R. Petersen passed away at home surrounded by her family; She was the devoted mother of Adrienne Dawn Jehnert and her husband Lawrence; dear sister of Wilbert Charles Cook and his wife Janice, and the late Barbara Lee Mahan and her surviving husband Thomas; loving grandmother of Colby Michael Bransky and Carley Amber Jehnert.

Funeral Mass will be celebrated at St. Margaret Church 141 N. Hickory Ave. Bel Air, MD 21014 on Wednesday at 10 AM. Interment Bel Air Memorial Gardens. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to St. Margaret Church. Online tributes may be left at


  • Adrienne Dawn Jehnert, Daughter
  • Lawrence Jehnert, Son-in-law
  • Wilbert Charles Cook, Brother
  • Janice Cook, Sister-in-law
  • Barbara Lee Mahan, Sister (deceased)
  • Thomas Mahan, Brother-in-law
  • Colby Michael Bransky, Grandson
  • Carley Amber Jehnert, Granddaughter
  • Wilbert Charles Cook, Father (deceased)
  • Barbara Agnes Cook, Mother (deceased)


  • Funeral Mass

    Wednesday, 21 July , 2021

  • Committal Service

    Wednesday, 21 July , 2021


Charlotte Rose Petersen

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Adrienne Jehnert

23 July 2021

One More Day
Zayne Collie

I feel I should have listened closer
To what you had to say.
I promise to you that I would
If I could have just one more day.

To feel the softness of your hands,
To see that smile upon your face,
Would give me so much happiness within my heart,
If I could have but one more day.

Time seemed to move so slowly.
It felt like I was wishing it away.
Time would not be wasted
If I could have one more day.

Since you have gone,
Life has changed in many ways.
Happiness and joy that I would share with you,
If I had just one more day.

My first friend, my truest friend,
My first love and protector,
Are a few of my feelings that I would express,
If I could have just one more day.

As I look up into the stars at night,
Often I wonder which light is yours.
I hope that you could tell me,
If we had but one more day.

Crying tears I have for you.
Missing you dearly as each day passes.
Time is such a precious thing,
If I had just one more day.

One more hug, one more kiss,
One more smile, and a laugh.
Treasures I would hold so true,
If I could have just one more day.

All of the sadness and the grief
Has taught me to savor every minute,
To keep myself from asking,
If I could have just one more day.

Phyllis Kotrla

22 July 2021

Dear Adrienne, Larry and Family,

Please accept our deepest sympathy at the passing of your Mom. We were so blessed to have her as a neighbor and will miss her dearly. She was so very proud of each of you and would tell me just how thankful she was to have such a loving , caring family. She was especially proud of her grandchildren.

We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if there is anything you need.

Very Respectfully,
Phyllis, Tom and Megan Kotrla

Bernadette Jehnert

20 July 2021

As we say a sad good-bye to you, Charlotte, just know that your wonderful legacy lives on in your daughter, Adrienne and grandchildren, Colby and Carley! What an amazing lady you were to instill such love, strength and kindness in them. A job so well done and now your work is over. Rest well knowing that you will never be forgotten. You will live in in your family forever!

Larry Jehnert

20 July 2021

In June 2005 you became a treasured part of our family. You attended every party, holiday and celebration as part of our family. You will be missed!
RIP Dear Friend

Kelly Sparwasser

20 July 2021

I loved and respected Ms. Charlotte’s independence, strength, and love for all creatures big and small. My family loved her as part of our family as well. It was so nice to see her at all the family gatherings. She will be missed.

Larry Jehnert

19 July 2021

In the 18 years I spent as a son-in-law, I can't remember a time when I heard the word "no" or the words "I can't" from Charlotte. She was ALWAYS ready and willing to help at any time. Whether it was a favor to watch Colby or Carley (or both at the same time), watch Roscoe, have all the pets dropped at her home for vacation, or read and interpret any number of confusing pieces of mail, Charlotte always responded with a "yes." Charlotte taught me the important lesson of noticing the little things to show your love to someone. On her snack bar she kept the sour patch kids fully stocked, as she knew they were my favorite and I grabbed a few after a long day of work. On long road trips she always brought me a bag of orange circus peanuts, even though according to her she couldn't understand how I could eat the "vile things!" She knew when we had long nights ahead of us being busy with life, so she would call and say "use my card and get whatever you want for dinner." Charlotte just wanted to help, no matter how big or how small the job. Her impact upon my family is immeasurable and I am eternally grateful that she belonged to us.

Bernadette Jehnert

19 July 2021

Dear Charlotte, you will be so greatly missed. You were not just a friend but a treasured member of the family. We spent so many holidays and family events together and you treasured every single one. I will always remember your big smile and kind heart. You loved everyone in your family with an enduring love. You appreciated everything anyone ever did for you. You constantly thanked us for anything we did for you.. I will always treasure the Fall Coasters and Christmas Wreath that you took so much time to make for me. You will be so deeply missed. RIP, great lady! We love you and always will!

Carley Jehnert

19 July 2021

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout elementary and middle school I would go to Grandmom's house in the morning and afternoon. Not once had she failed to have a smile on her face and ask how I'm doing in her chipper voice. In Pre-K we would go to Burger King once a week after dropping Colby off at the bus stop and I would always get French toast sticks. Even at 8 in the morning, Grandmom would ALWAYS get a large diet coke. On days that I was sick and had to say home from school, she would go upstairs to get me a pillow and blankets. She made me lunch and breakfast and always let me lay on the couch and put on whatever TV show that I wanted. She would always get a picture of Roscoe and I on the couch together because we were her two babies. I remember one day that I was sick and I had a plastic bag of Doritos and somehow Roscoe got a hold of the bag and he ate the Doritos and the bag included. She would always retell that story and laugh to it every time. Grandmom was always laughing at either something someone did or said. Like the one time I fell over her flower arrangement and knocked it all down. Every time she saw that wicker bin the flowers were in she would look at me and we didn't even have to say anything before we started laughing. I'm going to miss going to Christmas Eve mass and then going to Chili's after with her. I'm going to miss coming back to her house after vacation and bringing her back little gifts and shells from the ocean. I'm going to miss making the calendars that I did for her every month. I'm going to miss walking in her house to see her moving chair sticking straight up in the air and laughing. I'm going to miss coming in and eating some of the candy that she had lined up for Dad and I, including every single flavor of M&M's that exists. I'm going to miss her texts saying how proud she was of my repot card and telling me how beautiful I am after Mom sends her a picture of me. I will never forget these memories of us together.

From the Family
From the Family