Kauz Durocher

16 May , 19632 September , 2018

Kaz is survived by his daughters Teagan (Aliyah) And Shawna Durocher, his brother Clayton Durocher and sister Laura Horseman, half-sister Shirley Masotti, numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, aunties and uncles. He is predeceased by his Parents Gordon & Elizabeth Durocher, daughter Elizabeth Durocher and Step-son Frankie, half brother Frank Chalifoux, Sisters Wilma Pronyshyn and Norma Durocher and grand parents

Kaz Durocher was born to Elizabeth Minny Hamlin & Gordon Lloyd Durocher on May 16th, 1963 in Peace River AB. Kaz was the oldest of 5 children. His childhood was fairly happy considering been raised up in a poor family. As Kaz got a bit older he helped his mother look after/babysat his siblings while he faced the challenges of his parents separation. Due to difficult times his whole family got split apart with his sister Norma and Wilma being placed in foster homes, while Kaz, Clayton and Laura went to another foster home. After a while Kaz, Clayton and Laura went to live with their grandmother Margarett in Grimshaw, AB in his teen years he was always in the company of his family and friends growing up into a young adult. He later started working various jobs and moved with his mother and brother Clayton in Smith AB. Kaz kept in contact with his father and started talking to both parents into coming together as a family. Slowly the family came together and lived in Dawson Creek BC. Though out Kaz’s life he enjoyed various sports such as Hockey Softball and Taekwondo and boxing and worked Various Jobs such as Sandblasting Carpentry and firefighting and painting seismic slashing and power saw in BC and Alberta.

Kaz then met Tammy Belhumeur and they had their first Child Elisabeth Belhumeur/Durocher who then passed away at a young age.

Then they had 2 more daughters Aliyah/Teagan and Shawna Durocher. Kaz and Tammy separated and Kaz carried on raising his daughters as best as he could. His daughters were his life, there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for them. He'd take them to doctor appointments and attended all school meetings and functions and field trips with them to show them how much he loved them. Although being poor he was still able to provide the girls with pretty much everything they needed and wanted. They didn’t go without very much at all. Every year he made sure the girls got bikes and got to go on shopping trips every month. He was so proud to have a few of their birthday partied at Chuckie Cheese because he knew they would love it. Kaz always did his best to stay in contact with all his family as he could been a extremely busy single father. His heart was kind and loving and so very understanding of his daughters even when they have him running around after them in the store or hiding on him under the clothing racks. Yes his girls gave him a hard time at times but he took it in stride and supported them though it all.

Kaz took pride and joy in hearing about all this nieces and nephews over the course of all their lives. He was always so happy when they would msg him or when he got to spend time with them. He'd stop whatever he was doing n make time for them. No other uncle on this planet was prouder and happier then him of all his nieces and nephews.

From Clayton. He was a good brother to me and a very hard worker and a good dad. We were very close and worked a few job together such as the slashing and seismic work and living together when needed, Kaz and Ross tried to be together as much as possible from childhood into adulthood. They would wrestle each other for a quarter from their mom, who ever won got the quarter. The family remembers and laughs about the time they dressed up Kaz as a girl to get money from mom to buy candy. They told Mom Kaz was there new friend and kaz went and shock her hand while wearing a dress and makeup lol. He was always working on whatever vehicle he had making sure it would run good for him.

Kaz and Ross both love hunting and fishing together as teenagers. He liked to go play bingo with gramma at the church where he won a new set of skates and turkey for Christmas dinner.

From Laura. So many memories of my brother Kaz. He taught me how to fry balony, how to play street hockey. Kaz wanted to go into the house and I wanted to keep on playing so he’d scare me with the northern light so i'd go running to him and we go inside the house. We have wrestling matches he make me chase him around the room. Remember walking along a train track to go fishing. Kaz like the band Kiss when he was a teen and made himself a studded denim vest with kiss on it. He was proud of it. Whenever kaz was working on something he never pushed me away he’d just start telling me what he’s doing and explain everything about it.

From his cousin Tony. David and Kaz were about 15 yrs old. David said to Kaz I bet I can kick over your head. Kaz said ok ill bet you 5 bucks. David tried and kick Kaz in the head. Kaz called him a asshole and the chase was on. David gave kaz a dollar lol

Tony, David, Kaz and Ross were fishing off the dock in Peace River. Kaz was casting and flicked his line, he was pulling om his line. Ross started yelling ow ow ow. Kaz said my line is caught on something. Ross said yes my head. They took Ross to the hospital to get the hook out of the back of his head.


  • Visitation Monday, 10 September , 2018
  • Memorial Service Wednesday, 12 September , 2018

Kauz Durocher

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