May Ling Hui

15 February , 194425 November , 2018

Ms. MAY LING hui, loving mother of Victoria and Johnathan, has peacefully passed away on Sunday, November 25.

Her sudden departure has left us in sadness and grief. She is finally free of medical pain, she is happily reunited with her deceased family, and she is now loved by God’s unconditional love,

When May Ling was young, she was a vibrant lady who loved to dance, to sing, to play mahjong, to exercise, she was fashionable and beautiful. she was always the life of parties and brought joy in everyone’s lives. She would cook the most delicious meals and shared with her friends. She was very giving and selfless to her friends.

In the last few years of her lives, she slowly gave up many interests due to her osteoporosis and sickness.

May Ling is now in a beautiful place where she can once again dance, sing, be free of pain. She will see how much we love and appreciate her especially now. May Ling loved her grandchildren, Tyson , Chantel, and Kourino . She will be sadly missed by her devoted son, Johnathan and daughter Victoria and grandchildren.

May Ling is now with our heavenly father, We shall always keep her in our hearts.

許美玲女士,顧麗琪及顧致康的媽媽。星期日 十一月二十五日安詳的離世。 她的突然離世使我們傷痛,她終於可以脫離病痛之苦。她現在終於可以和她去世的家庭成員在天國神的懷裡相聚。 年輕的時候,美玲非常之話躍喜歡跳舞,唱歌,打麻將,及做運動。她衣著入時和漂亮,她常是社交場合的焦點,及常帶給別人歡樂。 她也常喜歡烹調美食和朋友分享,對朋友非常之大方無私。 她還在生的前幾年,受到骨質疏鬆和其他疾病的影響。開始對很多事物和事情失去興趣。 美玲現在已去到一個美麗的地方,可以再享受跳舞唱歌之樂。同時也會見到我們對她的珍惜和愛。 美玲很愛他的孫兒,達崇,詩韻,安國。她的兒子,女兒,和衆孫兒將會傷痛的懷念她。 美玲現在已經去到天父的懷裡。她將會永遠的留在我們心裏。


  • Viewing Wednesday, 5 December , 2018
  • Funeral service Wednesday, 5 December , 2018

May Ling Hui

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