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Patricia Yvonne Bubyn

16 March , 195530 April , 2019


Given by Sister Bernadette Feist O.S.U.

Pat was a personal friend since, 'I came to the Valley in 1979.

When I first came Pat was amongst the "first" friends I made, and I have often said "Pat clothed me" Yes, the first Christmas, she and Joe gave me a beige, down filled winter coat. I must have been or looked cold. That "clothing" me was a symbol of years to come with the friends we made, and all the people Pat would "touch" and help over the years. They also gave me a six foot green artificial Christmas tree that has been used and treasured to this day. I outgrew the coat over the years, but the tree is still every year's Christmas gift. Pat had a contagious, optimistic energy. She would encourage and support all the activities in parishes where she was. She "clothed" many over the years.

Today we’re celebrating the life of Pat. And as we do this, especially after the gathering we had with your family at Indian Head on Thursday, we can't celebrate her life and new life now without recalling some special words of Scripture. I think that Pat's life and dying show us that God's word to us is also a live. Paul says to the Romans: "the life and death of each of us has its influence on others. We live for God, we die for the Lord, we are the Lords.”..... Let’s remember Pat’s influence on the lives she touched. We'll list a few:

-Her help with religious education, especially the years at Balcarres.

-Her work at Swift Current Hospital.

-Raising her 3 children – Tammy, Jeffrey and Barbara. -Friends at Swift Current, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, and most recently, Indian Head. -Through Pat and Joe and family. I was first Introduced to the Bowling Alley in Fort Qu' Appelle (and I loved bowling - lots of fun) The friendship and relationship built up - getting to know your late grandparents Alex and Doris, the coffee hours, suppers, lunches, welcoming, hospitality- at their home, will never be forgotten.

-Yes, her life had a far reaching influence.

Another Scripture that was alive in Pat's life is the well-known passage from Ecclesiastes - there is a time..... Pat gave much time to nature's beauty … a time to plant, time to reap … she shared so much beauty in gardens and flowers … a time to laugh …(story) ... one day her car caught on fire. She drove the car to the garage while it was on fire and Joe noticed the smoke coming from the car. He asked Pat to get the wrench, to disconnect some fuel or energy for this fire. Pat quite calmly replied: "What's a wrench?" SGI towed the car away and - surprisingly - in the front seat were her rosary and prayer book quite untouched by the flames and surrounding destruction.

One of family shared (In reference to her gardening skills) she had a great ability to supervise. She would rake, but you did the pickup. Pat could grow beauty where sometimes you thought there was none, or in the most unexpected locations, she produced beauty Eccles. Also says there is a time to embrace, to love, to cry, to build … and a time to die.

Pat experienced the death of many family members, friends, and she knew the death of relationships, she lived for some 8-10 years with cancer. (Another death in the health world, But she still had inner strength that was remarkable.

Our last meeting was a couple months ago at the Fort Co-op. We were both excited, but she outdid me in energy, I even said to her Pat, cool It, calm down, relax, you play me out … Her spirit was strong and bubbly.

Pat also loved music and guitar as well as piano. The first reading from Isaiah 65:17-21 read by Tammy speaks of new heaven and new earth, gladness and rejoicing, delight, Jerusalem as a joy. This Scripture certainly is alive in Pat and she knew this joy while with us. And now, as the second reading says - the race (read by Shay – Grandson). Has been won, the fight is over and the eternal crown await her. God’s word to us is alive.

I once read something that reminds me of Pat a lot. Into the freedom of wind and sunshine, we let you go. Into the dance of the stars, we let you go. Let the beauty of nature now hold her.

Pat loved Joe dearly, her children, some of us, but especially her grandchildren: Shay, Jacob, Nathan, and Maegan. I'd like to quote again from you as family, saying: "she'd do anything to care for her pumpkins. Her grandchildren put life into her." WOW “. Remember those words, describing your grandma Pat.

Pat had a strong faith. I looked up the definition of "faith" In my Catholic dictionary last night and read: faith is a gift of God. Faith is a shared vision to believe what is revealed by God because of God's authority and grace-- while striving to understand." How true in Pat's life. Pat believed in her purpose, not understanding everything on her journey to that purpose. Pat faithfully prayed early each morning and offered a thanksgiving prayer each night. She was happy to go on pilgrimage if possible. She received anointing of the sick shortly before her dying, she had treasured prayer books that she read from regularly.

Pat was not a saint, nor was her family perfect. Guess what. We are not perfect and none of us are saints, and none of us come from perfect families. But we are all in this human journey together and Pat has made part of her journey with us and has left her influence on us.

Our prayers today have many themes or thoughts: We pray in gratitude, for all the good we've known. We pray for mercy, for the limitations and weaknesses we've possibly experienced. We pray in joy, knowing that Pat's life now is in joy eternal, and that one day we will be together again.

I'd like to repeat again: Into the freedom of wind and sunshine ---we let you go. Into the dance of the stars --- we let you go.

We rejoice with Pat as we continue our prayer for her as we also remember the great reunion of Pat with all those family, friends, relatives who have gone before.

Eternal rest and peace

Prayers of grateful love.


  • Funeral Mass Saturday, 4 May , 2019


Patricia Yvonne Bubyn

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