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Dana Maureen Grabiner

3 diciembre , 19576 noviembre , 2019

Dana M. Grabiner of Hyattsville, MD died on November 6, 2019. The cause of death was cancer of unknown primary origin. She was 61. She is survived by her husband of 19 years, Joseph Preston Atkins III, her children Samuel (18) and Dasha (16), her sister Kimberly Bayer of Wheaton, MD and numerous nieces and nephews. There will be a viewing at Ft. Lincoln Funeral Home, 3401 Bladensburg Rd., Brentwood, MD on Fri 11/15/19 5:00 – 8:00 pm. On Sat 11/16/19 there will be visitation at Ft. Lincoln at 9:30 am, memorial service at 10:30 am and a second-line parade with the Wild Anacostias Brass Band at 11:30 am to the grave site. Following burial, join friends and family for a Celebration of Life from 4:00 – 8:00 pm at the Cheverly American Legion Hall, 3608 Legion Dr., Cheverly, MD. Dana was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Montgomery County, MD. She attended school at St. Catherine Laboure (Wheaton), Beverly Farm (Rockville), and St. Elizabeth (Rockville). She graduated from the Academy of the Holy Cross (Rockville) in 1975. She earned a B.A. from the University of Maryland and M.A. in Education from George Mason University. Dana moved to Prince George’s County in the late 1970’s and worked as a journalist for the Prince George’s Journal, legislative aid to Councilman Stephen Del Guidice, and staffer at the Gateway CDC. She served since 2006 as an instructional designer at the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security and Dept. of Agriculture. She lived in Mt. Rainier, MD from 1987 to 2009 before moving to Hyattsville. She was an avid horseback rider and an accomplished pianist, visual artist and performer. She was a member of the Wild Anacostias and led her own band, Swingset, writing and singing her own material (backed by her son and husband). In lieu of flowers, please consider donating in Dana’s name to www.masmariposas.org/donate-now/. She was bright, beautiful and sassy.


  • Joseph Preston Atkins, III
  • Samuel James Grabiner Atkins
  • Benjamin Bayer
  • Timothy Caleb Atkins
  • Kathleen Ann Atkins
  • Josh Damon Kaminetz
  • Cameron Benko
  • Susan Johnson Clark


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Dana Maureen Grabiner


Kim Bayer

14 noviembre , 2019

It's hard to believe now, but as a young teenager Dana confided in me that she didn't have enough friends who appreciated her for her being a litt5 different, her quirkiness. In other words, being herself.
I gave her some advice, which made me feel so good when she told me later in our adult lives that she never forgot it.
I compared the situation to ice cream.
Take vanilla, I said. It's bland, goes with everything, almost everyone likes it.
Now take your Mocha Marshmallow Pecan Coffee Fudge, your Pistachio Caramel Raspberry Crunch Swirl, your Cherry Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
Not everyone likes these offbeat, complicated flavors, I said, but those who do, are extremely loyal to them and fiercely love them.
Dana, you were Mocha Marshmallow Pecan Fudge, Pistachio Caramel Raspberry Crunch Swirl, and Cherry Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
And the world is better off for having had you in it.

------ Big Sis

Salina Najera

14 noviembre , 2019

Dana was such an amazing colleague. We always used to say to each other “I love working with you”. I loved her style and used to tell her all the time that I was going to raid her closet. I loved seeing her smile in the morning when she walked in the office. It would just brighten my day. Dana will forever be missed. Her amazing work and contributions will never be forgotten. Rest in Paradise, Dana. Love Salina.

Annie Williams

12 noviembre , 2019

Dana was a good friend. Her sparkling personality filled a room with love and laughter. Her generosity and good humor was infectious. She loved her family and her friends and she was loved by them.
Years ago Dana hired me to do a video with her for the Border Patrol and sent me to the hinterlands along the borders of Mexico and California , New Mexico and Texas. It turned into a big adventure with access to border patrol on horseback and a dune buggy in the middle of the desert. We walked through brush and isolated parts inaccessible to everything but a Jeep.
The video was meant to be a training film but turned into as much of a National Geographic travel segment. It was at times difficult and challenging but with Dana’s constant support and good humor became an interesting look into the organization before it merged with INS and later became Homeland Security.
Dana could handle the the institutional pressures in the main office and let me create out there at the border.
I will never forget that partnership! We could all learn from her generosity of spirit. Happy Travels, Dana!

Bredell Evans

12 noviembre , 2019

I am greatly saddened by her loss. Dana was the one who interviewed and hired me for the position I am currently at. She was my cubicle mate and would come over and water the flowerpot above my cubicle. She was a great person and always smiling.

She will be missed.

Denise Gallman

12 noviembre , 2019

We have been cubicle neighbors for a number of years and I am going to miss you saying me the mornings after you being off for a day or on leave. You would say me " Did I miss anything?. I would always chuckle, Nothing not a thing. Sadly I am going to miss you and seeing what Joe has cooked. Rest in peace my friend, Dana, Dana.

Mark Grisar

10 noviembre , 2019

I'm deeply saddened, as I'm sure so many are. Dana had special qualities and expressed an inner warmth that was easy to sense.

Mark Grisar