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George Desanti

7 junio , 192627 septiembre , 2019

George Desanti nació el 7 junio , 1926 y falleció el 27 septiembre , 2019.


  • Visitation martes, 15 octubre , 2019
  • Chapel Service martes, 15 octubre , 2019
  • Interment martes, 15 octubre , 2019


George Desanti

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Mary Berryman

octubre 15, 2019

My thoughts and prayers are with family and friends today. I can picture George and Fran together again in heaven’s waiting room. May God Bless their precious memories in our hearts! 🥰🥰❤️✝️

Mary Berryman

octubre 14, 2019

I’m so very sorry I only just found this out and I’m not physically able to attend his funeral. I loved him and I’ll treasure our happy times together as family. Peter & I came to visit them while our son Paul was at IIT. He went there his first year of college and George took me serious! He would tell Paul to take a taxi to their building and Goerge would pay for it. Paul would have dinner with them more often and sometimes my Aunt Addie (Fran’s Mom) would be there. Especially at the holidays! Paul left the school there for his sophomore year & moved to the ROTC unit at OU because he was in love with a girl there who he married at the beginning of their Jr Year. They have now been marred 25 years! He got a BA in Aerospace Engineering, masters in Information Security, and his doctorate is in Education so he’s doing well. George once gave him an overcoat because he said he wasn’t dressed warm enough for Chicago winters! See why I loved this cousin so much! He was a kind man! I know George had a brother who had two sons and I hope some of George’s relatives are there fir the funeral and they will be able to represent people who loved George! May his soul Rest In Peace with God and may he have a happy reunion with his one true love, Fran!

Mary Berryman

octubre 14, 2019

I loved George from the day he married my eldest cousin Francille Casey. He made her so happy! They were soul mates!! They were so kind to me. She was a small woman and she would clean her closet and send lovely clothes to me. At the beginning of my senior year of high school he went shopping with Fran and picked out a lovely white chiffon dress with a soft white sequined over jacket ( The sequins had a hint of light Patel rainbow colors in it). No father could have picked out a more appropriate dress to gift a young high school girl fir that special year. I had left my parent’s home in Tulsa, Oklahoma (My Dad was a drinker and his rantings would keep me up at night so I finally told my mother I would not live like that anymore trying to stay awake at school and too embarrassed to say anything about it ) I was determined to get an education and to live a more normal life! Living with our wonderful grandparents in Stigler, Oklahoma was my way to escape! To live a more normal year doing the things others did, enjoying senior in high school working part time, enjoying choir, and going to church to pray for my family! My younger brother and my poor father! Fran had always had a special
place in her heart and Sweet George made me feel the same way!! I will miss knowing they are both gone to heaven to be with God and are not in my world anymore! They were such good people and their kindness helped me live my life with a love for children in general not just my own 4 sons! Volunteering in the many schools my boys went to in our many moves (My husband is a retired Navy Chief and two of our sons were also Navy). My husband and I were scout leaders and have since been involved in local charities. I had breast cancer 16 years ago and the had breast cancer the beginning of this year. I have had a terrible health issues over this past 2 yrrs but I’m coming back with a slow recovery. Other extended family problems with 5 little grand daughters & I’m heart broken!! I

Jeff Downey

octubre 3, 2019

George was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I have great memories of going to the Blackhawks game with him and to dinner at the Como Inn prior to the game as a young man. Those are childhood memories that I will never forget. Rest in peace George and God bless