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Chippy Ferrell

21 junio , 19899 febrero , 2020

Chippy Ferrell nació el 21 junio , 1989 y falleció el 9 febrero , 2020.


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Chippy Ferrell


Victory Deneen

16 febrero , 2020

From 13 years old until 30 years old man at the times we shared!!! The unconditional love you had was and always will be a most certain wonderful unforgettable part of my life and heart to cherish and no matter where you are or how far away I will always know YOU your care n love helped me through life each and every day!!! In my heart near or far that’s how ur memory n unconditional love will always remain!!!

Victoria Wyatt

16 febrero , 2020

Karismah and Little Chippy Ferrell December 2020

Amber Shaft

14 febrero , 2020

Chippy you came to me a broken man and me and my son pieced you back together.. that I’m turn showed me that you were more than fixable you were “perfect” I know we did not get to do all the family pictures and we a short term couple. But me and you knew this love was real and it was rare!! I loved you Chippy from the day I met you!! I knew you were Special! Everyone knew it! I just wish I had more time with you. And Like I said you know what time it is. When I get to that gate ;) love you Boo see you ASAP Till we meet again 💋

Angela Jarret

11 febrero , 2020


Angela Jarret

11 febrero , 2020

RIP Chippy Ferrell

I barely knew you but I know the liyour friends and family loved you unconditionally...fly high my brother