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Robert Mitchell ARONIN

25 octubre , 194515 marzo , 2020

Robert Mitchell ARONIN nació el 25 de octubre de 1945 y falleció el 15 de marzo de 2020 y está bajo el cuidado de El Camino Memorial - Encinitas.

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Robert Mitchell ARONIN

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Denis Lougeay

marzo 27, 2020

Bob was a wonderful man! He always had something nice to say, or he would not say anything at all. And, since he loved communicating, he would always have something nice to say.

Bob was a serial dog lover. He was devastated by the loss of his Golden, Jake, but quickly found room in his heart for Mr. Whiskey, who he renamed Jack (for Jack Daniels). Upon losing Jack, he again found plenty of love for Shamrock. I feel very fortunate for being able to facilitate the pairings with both Jack and Shamrock, and the love they quickly developed is very heartwarming.

It is great to hear that Jeff plans to care for Shamrock as his own. But the rescue, Last Chance at Life will always find a new home for their former charges, and I will personally guarantee that Shamrock would never have to reside in a shelter, or be put down prematurely. It was and is my commitment to my friend, Bob Aronin.

Stephen Keyes

marzo 24, 2020

Robert “Bob” Aronin (RIP)
(October 25, 1945 -- March 15, 2020)

He was called The Mayor of Orpheus Dog Park. Unofficially, of course.
And usually only on off-leash hours.

Born in Wisconsin, and later cutting his teeth in Chicago, Bob Aronin was a force of nature for a long time. It’s stunning to think we won’t ever feel those heartfelt hugs or peer into those spirited impish eyes again. Many of us just lost a rare and sweet touchstone in our lives. He was simply one of those rarest of people-gems I have come to meet in life.

Bob was smart as a whip and with a huge heart of gold. He had fantastic insight seeing who people were. Seeing the best in people. He’d trained his eye and heart to see that in folks. If someone as wise and sharp as Bob Aronin could see such value in you, then you must really be valuable! This is what people responded to and were drawn to. He helped people believe. In themselves. Because it was the thing to do. In his lifetime he affected many. That’s just a fact.

Bob was also a total Dog Guy. Never met a dog he didn’t fall in love with or melt over. My own two dogs loved him tremendously. I watched them give him their full emotional trust, which was not nearly the case most usually. It was the intensity of the heart, his earnestness, that my dogs were responding to. It was without guile. I watched it countless times. It made me happy every single time.

Wherever you are, Bob Aronin, I hope it’s a light place and that you’re doing just swell! They say those who depart sooner than us can see and even feel -- at least for a while -- the sorrow of the ones they’ve left behind, and that they actually try to comfort that sorrow. But of course one can only do so much. I hope Bob gets to feel this love from the we-many whose lives he’s affected. And whose lives he also has loved.

Rest in peace, brother. If you’re listening in, it’d sure be fun to see you again sometime. Somewhere.

Stephen Keyes

Lynn Marr

marzo 23, 2020

Bob was funny, insightful, engaged and a friend to me and to our community, including our community of animal friends. He welcomed many of us into his home for planning strategies to achieve better results through grassroots involvement; while at the same time, encouraging us to establish friendships with him, our neighbors, and our fellow activists.

Bob was an excellent communicator; he could also be an excellent researcher and organizer, energizing the spirit and intelligence of those who are striving to make positive changes for Encinitas, while maintaining the character and charm of our diverse neighborhoods.

Bob was a good man, an original. He was an innovator and an inspiration, a leader, yet humble. He will be missed by all of us who were privileged to be in his circle of friends. I hear you laughing, on high, dear Bob.

Sheila Cameron

marzo 23, 2020

I am sad to learn of the passing of Bob Aronin. Bob was an active, vital member in the Community of Leucadia in the City of Encinitas, CA. He was an activist and an organizer, speaking at City Council meetings on behalf of the rights of citizens and animals. Bob had a generous heart and a creative mind, and he will be missed. Bob was a friend to many of us here in Encinitas. Bob, you lived a purpose filled and happy life and you will stay in my memory - thank you for being part of this City.

With Love,
Sheila Santaw-Cameron
former Mayor of Encinitas, California

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