Jeannette Louise Cartwright

9 septiembre , 19427 enero , 2021

Jeannette Louise Cartwright (nee: Burt) went to be with the Lord on January 7, 2021. She passed peacefully, after long battles with Cancer and COPD.

Jeannette was born in Vancouver, BC on September 9, 1942, daughter of Dorothy Savill and John Burt. She was raised in Langley, BC along with her older sister Trudy and younger brother Randy.

Her best childhood memories included spending time at White Rock beach with her Mom, siblings, Aunts and cousins and in later years spending time there with her own children and grandchildren. She recalls fondly, the pet pig that would follow them to school and the many times she would have to walk that pig back home. Jeannie attended Glenwood School and graduated from Langley Sr. Secondary.

Growing up as a teenager and young adult, in the late 50's and early 60's was a typical "American Graffiti" experience with cruising in cars, listening to Elvis Presley and surely getting into some mischief and rite of passage moments for the time (right Aunt Pat and Aunt Donna?)

Jeannie met her husband, Wilfred (aka: Sonny) Cartwright in Langley where they married on March 9, 1962, remaining in the Surrey/Langley region through this entire time.

Jeannie was a hard worker in the years before her illnesses took over and worked just as hard around her home. She worked a myriad of jobs such as Suncrest Kitchens, Store Security, and volunteering with Victims’ Services. She was successful at getting her Class 1 License, a certificate in Journalism and if she didn't have the means to buy something, she would simply build it such as dog houses, tables, shelves, coat racks, walls (literally), not to mention the many costumes she made through the years for her children and grandchildren. She spent many hours gardening, drawing cartoons for the family and loved writing in journals and reading her Bible. She expressed her opinions on many subjects through the community papers and in recent years, on Twitter. She loved all her fur babies through the years, her last being "Lefty" (or Hefty as we liked to call him).

Jeannie is survived by her husband Wilfred; her son, Sonny (Kaliyan); daughter, Casey (Fernando); her cherised grandchildren, Sarah (Pete), Cassandra (Nathan) and Matthew (Hayley); her newest loves of her life, her great grandchildren, Thomas and Lucas; and her brother, Randy.

Jeannie is predeceased by her Father and Mother, John and Dorothy; Father and Mother-in-Law, Frank and Edna; sister-in-law, Judy; Brother-in-laws, Denny and Allan; and recently, her beloved Sister, Trudy.

Jeannie's email address “U go girl” does sum up her sense of humour, strength, fortitude and how she lived her life.

In lieu of flowers, if/when anyone has the means, please consider making a contribution in Jeannie's name to BC Cancer Agency or LAPS, two charities closest to her heart.


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Jeannette Louise Cartwright


Patricia Frederick

16 febrero , 2021

Jeannie, my friend, confidante, buddy and sharer of secrets.
I put off writing this because that would mean that I accept the fact that you are gone.
Still, I am reaching for the phone to call you or waiting for a text.
We have been friends for 60 plus years and it’s hard to let you go.

We have been through so much together. We have cried together and laughed together. Far more laughter than tears. We could turn a dark moment into something to laugh about without trying. We shared so many funny stories. Probably not anything that anyone else would find funny.
We obviously shared the same warped sense of humour.
We have lived through it all. Starting out as your normal crazy teenagers that wouldn’t say no to any adventure. Whatever crazy idea one of us came up with, the other agreed without giving it any thought. We were obviously invincible.

We raised our kids together, welcomed grandchildren, then great grandchildren to brag about. You definitely won the Grandmother category. I remember well, you bringing all three grandkids by one Halloween in the costumes you made for them. I was gobsmacked!! That was when I surrendered the Grandmother crown to you.

We have had long, sometimes heated conversations from the Canucks to politics. Somehow usually ending up on the same page. It’s been a great ride Jeannie and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it without you. You have been the one I have come to when I have been at my darkest moments or just totally frustrated at something that was happening. We leaned on each other and gained strength from each other. I always knew you would either back me or talk me off the ledge.
You were always fighting for the underdog, loved children with a passion and would go to the wall for them. I wouldn’t ever have wanted to be between you and someone that had hurt a child.
You fought a good fight Jeannie and now it is time to rest.
I miss you my friend and will always treasure the life we shared together.
Until we meet again.

Sonny Cartwright

7 febrero , 2021

I love you Mom.

Teresa Frederick

31 enero , 2021

My beautiful Auntie Jeannie! I miss you! Love you, so much. xxoo

Teresa Frederick

31 enero , 2021

Auntie Jeannie was so much more than my aunt ~ She was my second mom. Every weekend, growing up, our family bundled into the car to go to their house. I remember walking into a house full of so much love and laughter - I couldn’t have idolized her more. She was Beautiful and she made my mom laugh. It always felt like home - warm and welcoming. Always cats and dogs – sometimes BIG dogs, roaming. Us kids would play - whatever kids did then, while our parents did whatever parents do. It felt like home, and I was always so happy to be there, with family… and there was ALWAYS good food!

As teenagers, Casey and I spent countless weekends hanging out and I was always made to feel at home. Jeannie probably should have moved me along, sometimes, back to my own home. Instead, she welcomed me and opened her home aNd fridge to me. She listened to my “teen-angst” and always made me laugh. Her famous Potato Salad always helped.

Mom and Jeannie were best friends since they were teenagers. Casey and I grew up closer than cousins - we are like sisters and I considered her mom to be as close as my own. I feel so blessed that we grew up the way we did. I recognized, even as a small child, how special it was. All of the little things that made my Auntie Jeannie who she was, imprinted on my life, and is a deep part of who I am. I learned from her, to laugh at the ridiculous, to take everything with a grain of salt and to appreciate the little things. She taught strength and resilience, by the way she lived her life. She set an extraordinary example of how to be amazing.

Life goes by too fast. Suddenly, we are grown with children and grandchildren of our own. Our memories – just little blips, all part of a bigger movie. I hold them all so close. Having my Auntie Jeannie, as such an integral part of my life, is one of my greatest blessings. I am so thankful for her, and I know, without a doubt, that she has them rolling on the floor with laughter, in heaven.

~ Terri Frederick

Lucas Maylin

31 enero , 2021

GG, you would be so proud of me - I am crawling on all fours and pulling myself up on everything! I've come a long way since rolling over for the first time in your living room. I will always be your "clown", and will feel your love in my heart always.

Thomas Maylin

31 enero , 2021

GG, we shared a bond like no one else. I still ask about you and want to see you again in Heaven. Thank you for all the laughs, all the toys, all the hugs, and all the love.

Sarah Cavalli

31 enero , 2021

I will always remember the little paper sign she made she hung on the front door, shortly after Thomas was born. It was a play on "YMCA", stating instead "YMCV: Young Mother's Comfort Village. Welcome anytime, day or night." Her living room was such a hub for my children, and I am so thankful for the (nearly) three years' worth of visits. Gramma was instrumental in raising me, and it was such a joy to watch her love my children as her own.

Cassandra Smith

31 enero , 2021

Those who know me, know how precious my Gramma was to me. For over 10 years, she battled with COPD and 4 different cancers, the 4th of which developed into Stage 4 lung cancer 6 years ago. She wasn't given long to live. But she battled on, and lived to see the biggest milestones in her grandchildren's lives: my wedding, my brother's wedding and the birth of my sister's sons. She was generous, sweet, sassy, grounded and witty. She was instrumental in me developing my faith and following my dreams.
I was her caregiver for over a decade; I saw all of the highs and lows, the victories and defeats, the hope and despair... and I would gladly do it all again. I'm so thankful I could be at the side of all her hospital beds over the years, cycling through the grieving process each time and finding renewed joy and gratitude at her recoveries. And I'm so, so thankful I could be by her side at the very end. Yes Gramma, I remained your loving "barnacle".
She is finally at peace. Free of pain and full of glory. And I will see her again.

Now I just need to figure out what life looks like without her. With my hand on my heart, and a tearful smile, I step into this next chapter of life.
Jeannie Cartwright
Sept 9, 1942 - Jan 7, 2021

Casey Cavalli

31 enero , 2021

Missing you more than words can describe but will always have that “invisible string” between your heart and mine❤️

Sonny Cartwright

31 enero , 2021

A picture of Mom from the early 90's. The photo was taken by her brother Randy.