Natalie N Landrum

5 mayo , 19514 diciembre , 2020
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Natalie N Landrum nació el 5 de mayo de 1951 y falleció el 4 de diciembre de 2020 en Las Vegas, Nevada y está bajo el cuidado de Palm Northwest Mortuary.

Memorial Service tendrá lugar el 15 de enero de 2021 a las 6:00 pm en Palm Northwest Mortuary, 6701 North Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Natalie N Landrum


Doc & Phuong Nghiem

16 enero , 2021

Dear Natacha,
It was a beautiful ceremony. Thank you for streaming it along with the family pictures.
We are so sorry Thuy is no longer with us. Like her mother, she was kind and loving not only to her family but to all around her. We will miss her as we missed her mother very much.
Our most sincere condolences to you and your family, Khoi, Thu and Khoa and their families. You are all in our prayers.
Grand uncle Doc and Phuong Nghiem
in Los Angeles

Pam Nguyen

15 enero , 2021

Back in 1994, after I was given birth to my younger son, Natalie came to visit and stayed with us for a short period of time, we became very close. I always called Natalie "chi Thuy"(sister Thuy) in Vietnamese, she always asked me to cook her favorite "Phở" and we will spend time drinking tea, talking, laughing and hearing her telling jokes and we both burst out laughing. Those special moments will be kept in my heart forever.

When Natalie's brother Khoa and I visited her in Las Vegas a few years ago, I told Natalie in my next visit I will bring her some Vietnamese foods for her to enjoy but now she is gone and that made me sad. Natalie, you will be missed.

Yvette Vandenberg

15 enero , 2021

I have known Natasha since 1983 when the family came back to live in Foster City and Natasha returned to attend St. Matt's. Natalie was my other Mom. I will miss her welcoming hugs, her smile, her doting ways and seeing her at 5am as I'm going to the kitchen for a glass of water. Even at 5am, Mom would try to make sure I had everything I needed. Memories and stories I shall hold in my heart forever.

Rachelle Thompson

15 enero , 2021

I had the pleasure of seeing Natalie’s warm smile the past 3 years as she dropped off and picked up GG at school. I would open the door for her and say
“Hey Ms. Natalie!”
“Hi honey how are you today? I’m going to bring you guys bagels.” is how we would start our daily conversations. I will always keep those memories in a special place in my heart. Her sweet soul and big heart will be greatly missed.

To her family...may happy memories of your loved one give you strength to find peace and healing.

Phillip Landrum

15 enero , 2021

My first memory of Natalie was at the condos at 1821 Ogden in Burlingame. My aunt Queenie and her husband Ricko lived on the lower floor in the back, my uncle Maury and Natalie lived on the upper floor in the back. They had just returned from Saigon.
This was pretty cool I was going to have a brand new Aunt, even though I was seven years older than she was. My mother Catherine and Aunt Queenie made over Natalie like she was a new toy.
Natalie was very pretty, but very quiet and shy. But then who wouldn’t be if you were around Queenie, Ricko and Maury. My dad Nero was like his brother Morris, very blasé about the whole thing, although deep down I know he like her. We used to go to Burlingame couple times a month because my mom always wanted to see Natalie and listen to Ricko’s jokes.

A few years back we had a family dinner in San Mateo, Tash, Gigi, Ben, Jan, myself and Natalie. I sat next to Natalie at dinner and
recall her telling me how much she cared for my mom, because she said my mom made her feel so welcomed as a stranger in a new land.

Keep a good thought.

Jamison & Steph Ross

15 enero , 2021

We will always remember Nana for how soft spoken and loving she was. Not only was her love for her family incredibly great, but those extended beyond that. We always felt so welcome at their house and loved her spray bottles for the dogs 😂😂. Nana, you will be missed very much from Steph, I and Winter.. Rest In Peace. Gigi, dad and Tash we are so sorry for your loss.

Kelly Schmitt

14 enero , 2021

Natalie quickly became "Nana" to all of us as the little girl gang grew. She always greeted me with a warm smile and her arms wide open eager to grab a Schmittster for some special Nana loving. On any given day you would find her surrounded by little girls ensuring they were all having a good time together and sometimes playing referee. I'm forever grateful. Her love for Natasha and Gigi was immeasurable and carried over to the rest of us. Rest in Peace Nana. You were truly one of a kind. Sorry I could never make you a decent cup of tea. xo

Greg & Alicia Gianoulakis

13 enero , 2021

My interactions with Natalie were brief, but her love for Gigi and her family was always obvious immediately.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Cartier Conley III

13 enero , 2021

I worked with Natalie at Wells Fargo Dealer Services. She was always a positive and helpful person. We always spoke about enjoying retirement and traveling. Here’s a photo of a nice memory of us on Halloween. Rest In Peace Natalie.

Alida Roberts

13 enero , 2021

My interactions with Natalie started when she became a Grandmother. I would see her at TBS for music, and later when G, started at TBS. She was always cuddling or holding her. I think I saw all of you at a birthday party when G was months old. She held onto her protecting her with all her being. I offered to help hold G to give her a break and she kindly said, "no thank you." You could see the love and protection. Which I totally get. I was a stranger and she didn't know me. Even though she was shy, she was always friendly. I hope that G will always remember how involved she was. That bond will never be broken.