Lixiang CHEN

13 julio , 200929 septiembre , 2019

Lixiang CHEN nació el 13 julio , 2009 y falleció el 29 septiembre , 2019.


  • Prayer Service sábado, 5 octubre , 2019
  • Graveside Service sábado, 5 octubre , 2019


Lixiang CHEN


Nicholas Mitchell

24 octubre , 2019

For having someone passing away at age 10 is really tough. I bet he was a very nice friend very positive,happy and friendly. I'm very sorry and i was crying at that moment

Sebastian Trumbore

5 octubre , 2019

I never saw Lixiang once when he wasn't laughing or smiling. I remember a lot of the things he loved like using his translator to tell jokes. I will always remember Lixiang and I am so happy that I got the chance to know him.
Love, Sebastian

Daitaro Stamps

5 octubre , 2019

I was also a class mate of lixiang he is one of the nicest person ever he was also one of my first friends I was crying all day when I found out he passed I prayed that he rest easy and now he is now in a better place and lixiang’s mom sees this he will always be with you and you will see him soon so well we and everyone in Torrey hills will always remember him and he will be in my heart

Etta jensen

4 octubre , 2019

I was a classmate of Lixiang, and remember that he loved cows and spiderman. We miss him. The whole day at school all the kids were crying for his loss.