Irving Gerald Silverberg

16 junio , 19505 julio , 2021

Irving Gerald Silverberg nació el 16 de junio de 1950 y falleció el 5 de julio de 2021 y está bajo el cuidado de Rosar-Morrison Funeral Home & Chapel.

Funeral Service tendrá lugar el 8 de julio de 2021 a las 1:00 pm en Rosar-Morrison Funeral Home & Chapel, 467 Sherbourne Street, Toronto, ON.

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Irving Gerald Silverberg


Hope Terry

22 julio , 2021

It was always a pleasure running into Jerry at performances, events, in workshops, or sometimes just walking down the street. I feel a deep loss of this bright artist light. My deepest condolences to his close friends and family.

Peggy Baker

22 julio , 2021

Jerry was present with my company in the rehearsal studio countless times over the past 20 years, drawing hundreds of sketches of me and my dancers. His masterful drawings captured the immediacy, mastery and vulnerability of the dancers and his own keen insights about the body and soul of an artist. The energy, focus and empathy of his presence charged the whole room. I mourn his loss and treasure the memories.

Simon Malbogat

19 julio , 2021

Condolences to the family
Jerry will be remembered as a committed multi-talented artist supportive to others " a Mensch". I recall sharing stories of our travels and how he used his talent to make this world a better place.

Gail Gregory

15 julio , 2021

Hello. I am so sorry for your loss. I am a member of the Central Connection art group in which Gerry was also active. Our most recent memories of him are the talks he gave at our weekly zoom meetings. We had one about his murals on utility boxes and another terrific workshop on line with the basics of stencilling! Many other artists enjoyed his work and his wonderful cheerful manner. I will think of him passing various murals and had met him from time to time over the years as a printmaker. Such lovely works
he did! I am thankful that I got to know him more these last years. Did not even realize that he was ill. What a guy!

Andre Rosenbaum

14 julio , 2021

hi amy and family,
we just learnt of jerry's passing with sadness and we want to convey to you our deepest sympathy.

our history with jerry goes way back to 1978 when he joined the queen mother cafe as one of our 4 founding servers. his warmth and infectious good spirits helped us tremendously in attracting loyal customers and getting through those challenging first years.

although we didn't stay in close touch once he moved on to pursue his artistic career, whenever we did cross paths (the last time in 2019 at a "yemen blues" concert at the agha kahn museum) the sparks of friendship and camaraderie and laughs and memories surged in a flash. the thought that such lovely opportunities will no longer present themselves is a deep loss.

thanks to odette for letting us know.

all the best,
andre and kelly

Lori Zucchiatti O'Neill

13 julio , 2021

At the shiva this afternoon, I told a few people about a mural on the eastern wall of the shed in Phin Park. Jerry designed it, and the painting was done by him and local children.

Jerry and I were collaborating on a design for the western wall of the shed, but his illness put a stop to the plan. I hope to facilitate the creation of a mural in his memory! As requested by his loved ones, I'm sharing a photo of the current one.

Lori Zucchiatti O'Neill
Past Chair, Pocket Community Association


13 julio , 2021

Amy, I wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and Emerson. I just wrote about your Dad.
He always talked about you with such love and thankfulness, and boy, did he love Emerson.
You have been such a fine daughter and good support for him during his illness especially.
Much love,


13 julio , 2021


You have been with me almost my whole adult life.
We met at Central Tech in the printmaking department.
Who was not taken with your infectious enthusiasm of all things creative?
You were generous with your knowledge and endless in your energy.
I associate you and printmaking and all your artistic endeavors with your childlike delight.

I cannot think of you without smiling.

Central Tech, your own studio at home, our Halliburton Art School, our cottage days, our early morning canoe rides will never leave me.
Our close group of Art friends that stayed connected over the years, was always inspiring.
At least twice we cat sat for Marianne in NYC.
We wandered the streets, checked out galleries, and generally met chatty friendly people.
We spent hours over dinners discussing the world.

Once diagnosed with cancer you remained incredibly upbeat. Aside from your darn smoking you remained a great example of how to live till you die.
And so, you still live with me, and always will.
My dear friend, I love you,

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Donna Greenberg

12 julio , 2021

My deepest condolences to Amy and the rest of Jerry’s family and friends. Jerry was a wonderful warm caring person. He loved art and his students. We shared many moments at different points in our lives. He shall be greatly missed.

Lori Zucchiatti O'Neill

10 julio , 2021

Dear Eleanor, Amy, Emerson & other family members,

Jerry and I met in 2016 through his work with the Pocket Community Association's Art in the Park program. That working relationship evolved into a friendship, and our friendship deepened over the final months of his life.

I'll always treasure our visits, especially the ones on his back deck, when we shared beverages and cookies, stories and laughter, while listening to the birds.

As the leader of our Art in the Park program, Jerry shared his artistic talents, but more importantly, he created a warm and fun atmosphere in which to learn and create. That warmth, combined with his sense of humour, patience and generous spirit, endeared him to many. Through his art and his character, he left a special legacy in our neighbourhood.

I've shed many tears over Jerry's death, but for every one, I have a good memory.

With deep condolences,

Lori Zucchiatti O'Neill
Past Chair, Pocket Community Association