Stuart Math

10 julio , 193813 septiembre , 2020

Stuart Math nació el 10 de julio de 1938 y falleció el 13 de septiembre de 2020 y está bajo el cuidado de Quattlebaum Funeral, Cremation, and Event Center.

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Stuart Math

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Stuart Math

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Gail De Heus

octubre 9, 2020

Dear Gilda,

We are so sorry for your loss. Please remember that LOVE NEVER ENDS. I know that Stuart would want you to cling to this promise. It was so abundantly clear that he loved you so very much and you made so many memories together. If not for you, John and I never would have gotten to know Stuart. We were amazed at his interest in Japanese art and enjoyed his sense of humor. We are glad that you two were able to spend some time with us here in New Jersey and New York City. We never would have known about Ben’s Deli and Restaurant or Toojay’s if not for Stuart’s desire to take us there! He was a kind, dear, gentle person who was so happy to have you as his loving wife.

May your memories always be with you.
Gail and John

Maria Ruisanchez

octubre 7, 2020

I had the pleasure of meeting Stuart Donald when he and my cousin Gilda got married. Even though we never had the opportunity to meet in person (I live far away), our telephone conversations were always pleasant and I could tell he was a wonderful human being who sincerely loved Gilda and to her he was the love of her life.
He was kind and generous, possessing a variety of talents, personal charisma plus a great sense of humor.
He called me "prima" which is cousin in Spanish. While conversing I could sense the amazing love of family that nestled in his big heart.
I will never forget him, he will always remain a treasured cousin in my heart's memories.
Rest in peace my dear cousin Stuart.


octubre 2, 2020

Dear Gilda
I am so sorry for your loss. It is always hard to lose a loved one, but even more under the present Coronavirus precautionary measures.
I first met Stuart through your stories , while we were working together at the same office.
After we parted, we kept in touch in different ways, and it was then when I had the pleasure to get to know him better. I am grateful for all our visits, meals, and movies together. I will always remember how much he enjoyed visiting and talking to my husband. Stuart was smart, kind and  fun to be with. He was a true gentleman and I could see how much you love each other. My heart goes out to you during this difficult time.

Rachel de Almeida

septiembre 27, 2020

I remember dancing with him at family events! What a great dancer he was. He was a good and very kind person. He will be missed by all that knew him. Sending prayers.
Love, Rachel and Jocelyn.

Alfred Fier

septiembre 26, 2020

We are going to miss my cousin, he was a great guy. May he Rest In Peace. Love Naomi and Alfred.

Eric Chabinsky

septiembre 24, 2020

Dearest Gilda,

We are deeply saddened to say goodbye to our cousin Donald.

Donald and my father Stanley were first cousins, with a very close relationship and we lived near each other in Co-op City so we have so many good memories of Donald as we grew up-

His amazing fish collection, the excitement of him buying his first car, his dancing, his skill with electronics... So many talents and interests!!

I admit I was skeptical when he decided to retire and move to Florida because I never imagined how dramatically and positively his life would change there when you met, fell in love, and married!

Our hearts share the sadness with you of losing Donald but we’ll never forget how happy he was with you -

We’ll miss his sense of humor, his laughter, his creativity and we’ll cherish our memories of Donald- especially those of you together!


Linda and Eric

Beverly Chabinsky

septiembre 21, 2020

I’ve known Donald for almost his entire life. He was always good natured, generous, kind, artistic, creative, and so much more. Yet, most of his life, he was missing a loving partner. By his very senior years when no one was giving it thought anymore, a miracle happened! Donald and Gilda met! Theirs was TRULY a match made in heaven! Although he will be greatly missed by so many of us, it is at least consoling to know that he left this earth having spent his last years with such a warm, dear, sweet loving partner. His memory will always lie deep in my heart.

Steven .

septiembre 20, 2020

Stuart Donald Math was a man of kindness, always with a youthful spark in his eyes, and quick to laugh and laugh loudly whether at your jokes or his. He was generous, loved family, and cared for and even sang soothingly to his many pets.

He was fond of word play, and never missed a chance to offer a pun. For some of his witticisms, he would groan in advance of the listener, knowing it was not top-notch yet unable to suppress it.

During COVID, he sported a brilliant white beard, making him look like Ernest Hemingway. And like Hemingway, he was extremely creative. He composed music, although he had no formal musical training, with new melodies and rhythms swirling in his head without having to summon them. He wrote lyrics and poetry with seemingly similar ease.

While terribly ill, he asked for a pencil and notepad, so that he could continue to write poems --because he couldn't *not* write, even when his body tried to push back at the effort. Among his last writings was, most fittingly, a love poem to his dear wife Gilda.

Dear Gilda, how we all grieve with you. You were the single most special, important, meaningful, happy, forever-love in and of his life. That he met you most certainly was arranged by the angels. That he met you later in his life gives truth to the saying that, for him, the very best was saved for last. For his family and friends, to love him has been and continues to be to love you. You are in all of our hearts.

Stuart Donald Math -- your memory is a blessing, and we will remember and miss you, your good nature, your creativity, your wit, and your laugh, always.

Your Godson, Steven
(and family)

Gilda Math

septiembre 20, 2020

I love you my dear husband, and I always will. Missing you terribly until we meet again. Rest in peace my beloved.


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