Edith Florence Strawsburg

9 marzo , 19247 abril , 2019

Edith Florence Strawsburg nació el 9 marzo , 1924 y falleció el 7 abril , 2019.


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Edith Florence Strawsburg


Janelle Benham

12 abril , 2019

How much I will miss my beloved Grandma Edith. She was kind and thoughtful, was always impeccably dressed (normally in her signature blue) and had a laugh that twinkled like bells ringing. I was 13 when Edith and my Grandpa got married and I remember feeling so glad that Grandpa wouldn’t be lonely, that he and Edith had found each other. Even though they were in their seventies when they wed they were very much lovebirds. After their ten year anniversary they started celebrating monthly anniversaries because as Grandpa would say, ‘When you are our age you don’t know how much time you have.” When Brad and I got engaged I asked my grandparents if they had any marriage advice, Edith paused a moment, and then said matter of factly, ‘You just love each other.’ Simple advice made easy by a woman who so effortlessly loved on those around her. When she chose to marry my Grandpa twenty years ago she could have easily chosen to just love him, but she didn’t. In true Edith fashion, she also chose to love so fiercely my parents, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, my brother and me. I am forever grateful for our many shared times together, for her love and her encouragement. Edith had an unwavering faith in Jesus Christ, and even when Alzheimer’s began to rob her of her memory she never wavered in God’s faithfulness. I am so thankful she is rejoicing in Heaven, reunited with Grandpa and her beloved daughter Sharon whom she sorely missed. I love you Edith. Thank you for choosing me as your granddaughter, I couldn’t have asked for a better grandma. ❤️

Brent Strawsburg

11 abril , 2019

When Edith married my Dad it was the most natural and easy transition that any of us could have imagined. As my Mom’s prayer partner for years, we all knew and loved Edith as a friend. When she married my Dad she became part of the family. She loved all of us, prayed for us, encouraged us and was a tremendous example of a godly woman and a devoted wife to my Dad. To say we loved Edith is a huge understatement. Even during her battle with Alzheimers her sweetness and smile would still shine through. We rejoice that her mind is now free and alert as she stands in the presence of her Savior. Thanks Edith for loving us so deeply. We will never forget you. Until we see you again.

Carol Pond

8 abril , 2019

My sweet stepmom jumped into Jesus’s arms yesterday and she and my Dad are once again rejoicing together!! For 22 years, Edith loved me as if I was her own daughter. She cared about me and my family and what I was doing in my life. She sent cards to my children and their children and always had the most thoughtful gifts to give them at Christmas! But best of all, she loved my Dad with the sweetness of true newlyweds even though late in years! Edith was a precious, classy lady!!

Brad Benham

8 abril , 2019

I lost my maternal grandmother when I was 4, and then my granny (who was awesome but not the softest lady) about 10 years ago. When I was lucky enough to marry into Edith’s family 9 years ago, one of the most fun surprises was getting a grandmother again. Edith was so thoughtful and a wonderful host. The first time she and Floyd had Janelle and I over for dinner, she set out the cutest individual jello desserts. Tonight, to honor her, we made special jello for our 4 year old daughter and told her about the legacy of her amazing great-grandmother who loved her family and loved Jesus. Thank you for giving me a grandma again, Edith. And thank you for loving my girls!