J.D. Power Ratings and Reviews

Service excellence at Dignity Memorial®

At our Dignity Memorial locations, we believe each family we are privileged to serve deserves the very best every time, every day and in every situation. That’s why we take pride in providing service excellence at every interaction. In fact, it’s one of our core values, alongside respect, integrity and enduring relationships. To us, service excellence means meeting the needs of our families with an abundance of compassion, acute attention to detail and trustworthy stability. 

With our customers in mind

J.D. Power customer service recognition trophy with transparent background.   Translation needed Since 2005, Dignity Memorial affiliates have engaged with J.D. Power to measure and inspire our associates in excellent customer service. This has demonstrated its worth to our families again and again as our associates continue to rise to the challenge, providing exceptional care in funeral, cremation and cemetery services. In fact, in 2016 we  received the prestigious J. D. Power President’s Award, given in appreciation and recognition of our commitment to “Excellence in Customer Satisfaction.” 



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The J.D. Power Verified Reviews Program

To ensure we provide the highest possible level of service, we send a J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey to every family we serve. This survey allows families to provide honest feedback about the service they received. We ask specific questions regarding our facilities, staff, arrangement process and more. We also invite families to share their written thoughts regarding their experience. J.D. Power then processes each survey and calculates a star rating  based on the survey answers.

The JP Power Survey showing on an iPhone

DignityMemorial.com Ratings & Reviews

We know it’s important to stay accountable to the families and communities we serve, so in 2019 we began displaying our J.D. Power Ratings and Reviews on our website. Each month, we update our website with the latest Ratings and Reviews so you can read recent, real customer feedback. All written comments are used with permission and kept anonymous to protect our customers’ identities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the JD Power Reviews on a Location page 

You can find star ratings at the top of location webpages and read more about them by clicking DETAILS.

We post both positive and negative ratings and reviews from our surveys. Each review is moderated for certain content, including offensive language or personally identifying information. It is then posted verbatim and unaltered, and is only displayed if the customer has given consent to post their comment online. 

Due to the very personal and sensitive nature of some of the feedback we receive, we do not post names or other identifying details about the families we serve in our Ratings and Reviews.

A review can only be submitted with a verified J.D. Power survey. Surveys are sent to all Dignity Memorial customers after services have been delivered. Please make sure we have your accurate contact information, including phone number, email address and mailing address, to ensure delivery of your survey.

We send surveys to families in English, Spanish and French. However, English is the only language currently supported for reviews on our website.

If you submitted your review with permission, we’ll publish it to the website within 2 months of receiving the verified survey from J.D. Power. To view, go to DignityMemorial.com and enter the location’s name in the “Funeral Homes & Cemeteries” search box. This will open your search results. Then, select your location to view their webpage.

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