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Heart & Hope Funeral Home by Schoedinger represents more than 165 years of integrity, tradition and trust. We are part of the Schoedinger family of funeral homes, upholding a longstanding commitment to providing quality, affordable funeral and cremation options for everyone in Central Ohio.

Commençons à planifier ensemble

Remplissez le formulaire et un conseiller en planification funéraire vous contactera sous peu. Il ou elle peut répondre à vos questions afin que vous puissiez commencer à planifier votre célébration de la vie parfaite.

Nous ne vendrons jamais vos informations et nous ne les utiliserons pas dans un but autre que pour la correspondance officielle du Réseau Dignité. Lire notre Politique de respect de la vie privée.


Lorsque vous avez un forfait prépayé avec un fournisseur Réseau Dignité et que vous souhaitez transférer le forfait à une autre succursale située à plus de 120 kilomètres, chaque détail de votre forfait déménage avec vous. Tous nos forfaits prépayés sont transférables et seront honorés par n’importe lequel des 1 900 fournisseurs Réseau Dignité qualifiés de l’Amérique du Nord. C’est une promesse que vous ne trouverez nulle part ailleurs. Des restrictions s'appliquent.


Notre avantage de prix garantis vous donne confiance dans la valeur que vous recevez. Nous pouvons égaler l’offre d’un concurrent de votre région. Présentez-nous une liste de prix générale et nous égalerons leurs prix pour un même niveau de service.


Si vous planifiez une célébration de la vie avec nous, mais qu'à un moment donné dans le futur vous souhaitez ajouter de nouveaux détails à votre plan, vous le pouvez, et ce, peu importe la raison. Avec la flexibilité à vie, si vous souhaitez apporter des modifications à votre plan, nous sommes toujours disponibles pour discuter de vos diverses options. Des restrictions s'appliquent.


Si votre décès survient avant le paiement complet de votre propriété de cimetière, nous allègerons le fardeau financier de votre famille. Notre Plan de protection d'achat couvrira tout solde dû au cimetière. L'acheteur doit être âgé de moins de 65 ans; le solde maximal remis ne doit pas dépasser 6 682,25 $. D'autres restrictions peuvent s'appliquer.

Housing Families With Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas

Every loved one deserves an exceptional farewell. Palm Mortuaries creates funerals and cremation memorials treasured by all who attend. We also support the communities where we live and work. That’s why we’re a proud sponsor of FOX5 Super Build 2021-22, helping to give a veteran family a brand-new home.

Since 1927, Palm Mortuaries has been a vital part of the Las Vegas community. Caring for families is the reason we go to work each day, and when we learned about the opportunity to join with FOX5 and Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas to give a veteran family a home, we knew we wanted to get involved.

Work has already begun on a home that will be move-in ready next year. In the months ahead, we'll roll up our sleeves and put on our hard hats as the Super Build crew works toward completion in the spring of 2022. This house we'll build will not only provide affordable living to this deserving family but also accommodate their son’s special needs. Handing over the keys will truly be a life-changing gift.

It's an honor to serve those who have served this country. We do so every year through the dignified military funerals and burials we provide—this year we're doing a little extra.



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Affordable funerals and cremations

The team at Heart & Hope offers knowledge and compassion you can count on. Our experienced, caring staff blends traditional values with contemporary products and services to memorialize every life with attention to detail.

We offer four options to meet your service, product and value needs. These simple choices include items most families choose most of the time to create an authentic and impactful ceremony commemorating a loved one's life.

First, you’ll choose the type of service you want. Then you'll select the products that best support that service. Options are clearly outlined for you—and there’s never any pressure to purchase more than you need. And, of course, you are always welcome to purchase services and merchandise a la carte from our general price list. This allows you to select only what's important to you.

Simple, personalized services

We know every life is unique and every person deserves a special service. Our packages are designed to offer an authentic, affordable way to remember a loved one. Whether you want a traditional funeral at the funeral home with a burial at a cemetery nearby, a simple cremation or an upbeat celebration of life, our expert team will work with you to create a beautiful remembrance.

We offer many choices that reflect your personal preferences, family traditions and cultural values. With patience and care, we listen to what's important to your family and craft a service that fits your budget.

Planning experts

Losing someone you love can be very painful. Planning a funeral or cremation in advance makes it easier on your family. In fact, planning and funding final arrangements ahead of time is among the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones.

When you plan ahead, you get to carefully consider your options and make choices that ensure your life is remembered and celebrated the way you want. You also lock in today’s prices and ensure your family doesn't have to find the money to pay for services at the time of need.

We are experts in pre-planning and offer in-person, phone and virtual consultations. We'll take the time to get to know you and carefully explain what's available, including paying in installments.

Learn how you can plan ahead.

Heart & Hope history

In 1829, Philip Schoedinger emigrated to the United States from Dörrenbach, Germany. Philip was a craftsman by trade, and in 1855 he opened a casket-making company. In 1865, Philip established Schoedinger & Brown on West State Street in Columbus, Ohio.

Philip's sons, George J. and J. Albert, soon joined the family business. Shortly thereafter, the funeral home began to see such innovations as the addition of the first automobile hearse and a new chapel at 229 E. State St., which was the first chapel in Ohio built expressly for the purpose of funeral services and one of the earliest in America of such magnitude. Today, the belltower at this location stands as a city landmark.

Other milestones, such as becoming one of the first funeral homes to have air conditioning or offer funeral arrangements before the time of need, soon followed.

In time, George J.'s sons, Fred and George R., also chose to join the family funeral home, known at that time as Schoedinger & Co. In 1933, George R.'s three sons, George Jr., Robert and John, all entered the family business.

As the funeral home grew, so did the Schoedinger family's desire to provide more services and greater convenience to the families of Central Ohio. Starting in the 1950s, Schoedinger began expanding into communities around Central Ohio. In 2016, the Schoedinger locations in Hilltop and Linden were rebranded Heart & Hope Funeral Home by Schoedinger, as an evolution of the Schoedinger brand's commitment to affordable funerals and cremations.