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Mt. Moriah, Newcomer and Freeman Funeral Home and Mount Moriah Cemetery South serve the Kansas City community with the same hometown quality we have provided since 1922. The funeral home and cemetery sit in a beautiful woodland setting where you can take care of every detail surrounding funerals, memorials and burials.

An inclusive Kansas City funeral home

Mt. Moriah, Newcomer and Freeman Funeral Home is a non-denominational funeral home. We work with people of all walks of life to incorporate family traditions, religious rites and cultural considerations into unique and personalized services. We believe each funeral or memorial service should be as special as the person it celebrates.

Our chapels

The quiet charm of the funeral home is enhanced by the elegance of crystal chandeliers imported from Holland and Spain. Two funeral home chapels accommodate a variety of styles and sizes of funerals and memorial services.

The largest chapel is also the most traditional. It's called Main Chapel and it has pews that seat up to 200 guests. The Reception Chapel seats up to 100 guests and was recently remodeled for more flexible use. Freestanding chairs and contemporary decor allow for various layouts to accommodate both formal and informal services, as well as catered events. In either the Main Chapel and Reception Chapel, we are happy to incorporate virtually any accents to customize a service.

A 3rd chapel is located in Mount Moriah Cemetery South's Temple Mausoleum. This chapel has pews that seat up to 80 guests for committal services.

Military funerals in Kansas City

At Mt. Moriah, Newcomer and Freeman Funeral Home, we are honored to work with and serve our military. As a Level One Founding Community Partner with We Honor Veterans, we are well-versed in military funerals with honors and work with any branch of the military. With respect, integrity and dignity, we will walk you through the steps of creating a veteran's memorial service that truly honors the life and sacrifice of your loved one.

In addition, Mount Moriah Cemetery South hosts a Memorial Day celebration in the veterans garden. We also participate in the Homeless Veterans Burial Program, coordinating with governmental entities and other organizations to provide funeral services to homeless veterans.

Lean on us

Located in the heart of Kansas City, Mount Moriah, Newcomer and Freeman Funeral Home is easily accessible via Interstates 49, 435 and 470. For those traveling by air, it is a short drive from Kansas City International. Please contact us if you need help right away or want additional information about our funeral and cremation services. We are always here for you.

Mount Moriah Cemetery South

Mount Moriah Cemetery South is a sprawling 130-acre cemetery that opened in 1922 as a Masonic cemetery. Thirty acres are still undeveloped. The rolling green grounds feature 2 lakes: 1 that sits among family estates and another that remains on our undeveloped acreage. In the northwest corner of the cemetery, an obelisk features a time capsule and scroll listing the founding fathers of Mount Moriah.

Burial options

Mount Moriah Cemetery South offers a range of burial options, including traditional ground burials, lawn crypts, indoor and outdoor mausoleums and a cremation garden. We also offer family estates and private individual mausoleums. Most of the grave markers in the cemetery are flush designs. Upright monuments are found only in the family estates and as features in a select few of our gardens.

Special cemetery sections

Floral arrangement in a vase on top of a table inside a funeral home. Mount Moriah Cemetery South features a veterans garden, several Jewish sections and a Muslim section. One of the Jewish sections is reserved for members of Beth Torah and the New Reform Temple; the other section is for anyone of the Jewish faith.

Our cemetery also features the original bell tower that filled the air with music over the past century. Although it's no longer operational, the bell tower remains a beautiful reminder of the rich history of our Kansas City cemetery.

Masonic and community involvement

Mount Moriah Cemetery South is a Masonic-enshrined cemetery and an integral resource for several Masonic groups in the Kansas City area. One of the more prominent features of the cemetery is the Temple Mausoleum, completed in 1925. Inside the Temple Mausoleum, the sacred Temple Room is 1 of the few Mason-sanctioned temple rooms in the United States. It is still used for meetings, ceremonies and inductions.

The cemetery also hosts several events at Mount Moriah for the larger Kansas City community and families we have served throughout the years. We host a yearly Mother’s Day event, Memorial Day event and a Holiday Remembrance. We also work with a local church each year for an Easter service.

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Chez Réseau Dignité, nous prenons nos promesses au sérieux. C'est pourquoi nous offrons un service garanti à 100 %. Nous nous efforçons de réaliser chaque détail correctement du premier coup, chaque fois. Si, pour une quelconque raison, nous manquons à cela et que vous n'êtes pas satisfaits de l’un des aspects de votre service, nous y remédierons rapidement et complètement. Découvrez les avantages de la Différence Dignité.

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Notes et avis

Avis clients vérifiés

Depuis 2005, plusieurs de nos clients ont pris le temps de nous raconter comment nous nous en sortons chaque année via notre programme Voice of the Customer. Nos notes par étoiles et les commentaires des familles proviennent directement de ces enquêtes.

"The staff, Matthew, Madonna and Herb were superb. They were most accommodating and beyond. They worked hard to help us celebrate our father's life inspite of covid restraints."

jd-power-verified-checkmark Client vérifié du service funéraire et commémoratif

octobre 2020

"I felt that the service and all the arrangements met of exceeded our expectations."

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octobre 2020

"Staff is very friendly and accommodating. Everything we asked for, we received."

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septembre 2020

"Susan was to provide cost information and feasibility of placing my husbands and my urns next to my parents or w/in the same two spaces. I have not been provided this information (jmbarnes611@gmail.com)."

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septembre 2020

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