Green Acres Funeral Home and Cemetery

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Membres du personnel

  • green-acres-funeral-home-and-cemetery-michael--gibbens-3752-general-manager,6803-general-manager

    Michael Gibbens

    Michael Gibbens began his funeral service career in 1994 and graduated from Saskatchewan Funeral Service Association in 1999 with his licensed funeral director and embalmer qualification and two awards for best overall performance. He has provided professional, compassionate service to families in and around the Winnipeg area since 1999 and is actively involved with the Manitoba Funeral Service Association, currently sitting as president. Outside of work, Michael enjoys volunteering with Diabetes Canada, being outdoors with his wife and two children, camping, kayaking, taking photos, watching movies and working in the yard.

  • green-acres-funeral-home-and-cemetery-matthew--bartel-3752-funeral-director,3751-funeral-director,3753-funeral-director,3754-funeral-director

    Matthew Bartel

    Funeral Director

  • green-acres-funeral-home-and-cemetery-christopher--bowskill-3751-funeral-director,3752-funeral-director,3753-funeral-director

    Christopher Bowskill

    Funeral Director

  • green-acres-funeral-home-and-cemetery-catherine-claire-cameron-3753-funeral-director,3751-funeral-director,3752-funeral-director,3754-funeral-director

    Catherine Claire Cameron

    Funeral Director

  • green-acres-funeral-home-and-cemetery-sarah--coulson-3751-funeral-director,3752-funeral-director,3753-funeral-director,3754-funeral-director

    Sarah Coulson

    Funeral Director

  • green-acres-funeral-home-and-cemetery-john--davidson-3751-funeral-director,3752-funeral-director,3754-funeral-director

    John Davidson

  • green-acres-funeral-home-and-cemetery-shane--lilley-3751-funeral-director,3752-funeral-director,3753-funeral-director

    Shane Lilley

    Funeral Director

  • green-acres-funeral-home-and-cemetery-jason--munroe-3754-funeral-director,3751-funeral-director,3752-funeral-director,3753-funeral-director

    Jason Munroe

    Funeral Director

  • green-acres-funeral-home-and-cemetery-kristeen-nicole-thiessen-3751-funeral-director,3752-funeral-director,3754-funeral-director

    Kristeen Nicole Thiessen

    Saskatchewan born and raised, Kristeen graduated from the funeral services program at Sask Polytechnic in 2007. A licensed funeral director and embalmer since 2009, she strongly believes in tailoring services to reflect a person’s life and knows firsthand the comfort a truly personalized service brings to a family. 

    Kristeen relocated to Winnipeg in 2016. In her spare time, she chases after her active little boy and is a passionate hockey and football fan.

  • green-acres-funeral-home-and-cemetery-richard--wankling-3751-funeral-director,3752-funeral-director,3753-funeral-director

    Richard Wankling

    Funeral Director

  • green-acres-funeral-home-and-cemetery-lorraine-lynn-greig-3751-funeral-director,3752-funeral-director,3753-funeral-director,3754-funeral-director

    Lorraine Lynn Greig

    Funeral Director

    After 35 years in customer service, Lorraine made a career change. She went to the Canadian College of Funeral Service, where she graduated in 2016, and today finds helping families through difficult times a gratifying experience. Life has given Lorraine the ability to truly empathize with families who have lost loved ones.

    Lorraine is the mother of 2 grown children, hosts international students in her home and volunteers with the Arthritis Society. She also enjoys curling, dancing and entertaining friends and family.