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Byron Calder Wyche

8 juin 194621 juin 2020

Norwood, MA- Byron Calder Wyche passed away peacefully on June 21, having received wonderful end-of-life care after a diagnosis of lung cancer. “Blue-eyed Byron” was born to Elizabeth Calder Wyche and Joseph Thomas Wyche on June 8, 1946 in Jacksonville, Florida. The Wyche family settled in Whiteville, North Carolina, where Byron grew up with his siblings Charlotte, Alexander, Richard, and Frank. His childhood stories describe a youth of playing in the swamps with gators and snakes, stealing tractors, and starting forest fires, which none of Byron’s suburban kids can truly fathom. These were the days when kids weren’t welcome home until after dinner and boy did Byron know how to have fun. He moved from the small city of Whiteville to the big city of Boston, Massachusetts, in his 20s, keeping a bit of his twang and all of his southern charm. His friends tempted him north with a fake job offer when in reality they just wanted to hang out with him more. Many felt that way about Byron. In New England he met and married the love of his life, Helen Gormley, who he described as the “most beautiful woman in the world.” Their anniversary is on April 24, 1981 and Byron would want that in writing because Helen forgets their anniversary year often. Marrying her was the best decision he ever made and what helped him to live as long and as happily as he did. Byron was incredibly proud of the three children they raised together, Maggie Glos, Carole Wyche, and Eric Wyche. He got to see them all happily settled with the loves of their lives: Matt Glos, Scott Priest, and Rose Perriello. He will be remembered as “G-Daddy” by his loving grandkids Sophie Elizabeth Glos and Abigail Isla Glos and the yet-to-be-born “Cletus the Fetus” Priest, who got to spend a lot of time with Byron in the last weeks. Byron would want it remembered that he was “handsome when it mattered,” an incredible bridge player, and one heck of an athlete, captaining his basketball, baseball, and football teams in high school before deciding that girls and partying were worth more of his time in college. He attended Wake Forest University, class of 68’, where he joined the Sigma Chi fraternity, made lifelong friends, and got into plenty of mischief. Most of his career took place at the company Si-cal, where he started in the plastics factory before working his way up to president of the company. He joked that as president you do less work. He had many notable achievements in life but some favorites include: hitchhiking to work for a full year from Brighton to Framingham (it was the 70s), being the sole finisher of a 50-mile walk with friends after President Kennedy’s challenge, and perfecting homemade raspberry jelly. He was also an excellent cook but preferred to share those skills only on days he could be appreciated and praised by crowds, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maggie will now carry that torch. He was an avid gardener, and because his yard didn’t supply enough land to satisfy his passion he got an additional lot in the Norwood Community Garden. This year his son Eric and partner Rose will attempt to fill his shoes. He gave them excellent guidance on how to plant okra, which just sprouted flowers to let us know his legacy lives on. In addition to trying lots of things, he also quit many things over the years. That list included smoking and drinking, both amazingly hard-won battles, and several jobs when the perfect opportunity came along, like that trip of a lifetime to the Florida Keys. He would want you all to do the same if desire strikes. He also recommends taking a day of vacation for your birthday every year--better if you can take the whole week! Because he was so charismatic and so loved there are too many stories to share here. Nothing would make him or us happier than to have more stories circulating to help prove that he was quite possibly always the most interesting man in the room. We’ll be keeping him alive in the stories we tell and hope you will too! Please share your stories of Byron with the family at the email address talesofbyron@gmail.com or include them in cards and letters of remembrance. Because of the current health pandemic, Byron’s services will be held at a later date. Donations can be made to Dana Farber Cancer Institute, PO Box 849168, Boston, MA 02284.


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Byron Calder Wyche


Jayne Duffy

1 juillet , 2020

Your entire family has my condolences. I only met him once, yet he did live up to all of the stories! A very kind gentleman. So very sorry for your loss.
God Bless

Wayne Brown

26 juin , 2020

I am sorry to hear of the death of Byron Calder Wyche and we offer all of you as his family and friends our sincere sympathy.

After reading the many positive tributes and testimonials, I regret I was not privileged to meet and know Byron personally. What a delightful human being he must have been . . . and it seems he really was a true BLESSING to all who knew him!

I am honored to serve at the present time as the Interim Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Whiteville. Please be assured of our continued love, thoughts, and prayers for all of you who grieve and who . . . at the same time . . . celebrate his life and what he meant to you and always will!

If I, personally—or if we as a church corporately—can do anything at all for any of you, please feel free to call on us.

May God continue to guide, bless, and comfort all of you today and always—in ALL ways!

Gratefully and prayerfully . . . in Jesus’ Name and amazing love and grace . . .
Wayne Brown
Interim Pastor
First Baptist Church of Whiteville

Beverly Hartgrove

26 juin , 2020

My best memory of Byron was playing basketball with Byron and Alec in my back yard. We were next door neighbors then. Many card games of Spit were played at their big dining table too. Dr. Wyche always had a big garden in the Baldwin Woods, so I loved that Byron was a gardner too.
My prayers are with the family.
Beverly Hartgrove

Marie Maloney

25 juin , 2020

i'm so sorry to hear about Byron's passing. He was always someone you would love to run into because he would always say something to make you feel better about yourself. His smile and laugh were infectious and his dry wit would always make me laugh. He and Joe had a running bet no matter the contest, but it was always BC vs Wake Forest - what a fan and believer Byron was. And my favorite image was Byron at our wedding wearing a lovely flowered hat so he wouldn't get shown up by the women.
Be at peace.

Nancy Osborne Flynn

25 juin , 2020

My sincerest condolences to the Wyche Family. As Leslie Kaye said, our Whiteville High School Class of '64 was a very special group which experienced and shared so many good times and great memories. Byron's obituary was so beautifully written that I have tried to write his tribute several times, but I've been unable to express everything that needs to be said. Growing up in our small idyllic southern town, Byron was a leader, a lovable guy, smart as a whip, the heartthrob of the class, an excellent athlete, down to earth, and so much more. I can just see that twinkle in his eyes when he was up to mischief, and hear his deep, genuine, whole hearted laugh. He will be remembered with the utmost fondness and love. My prayers to God for comfort for all of the family.
Nancy Osborne Flynn
WHS Class of 1964

Doris Sinkevich

25 juin , 2020

Dear Helen, Maggie, Carole, and Eric: With such sorrow, we have learned of Byron’s passing. Byron and all of you were such a wonderful “second family” to our parents, something that we have all cherished over the years. The gardening, discussions, the abundance of raspberries, and Byron’s boiled peanuts all hold a very special place in our memory and hearts. May you all find solace in memories of all the terrific years that you had together on Nahatan Street. Godspeed, Byron, and praises for a life well lived!
Doris Murray Sinkevich along with Alice, Ruthi, and Rich

Leslie Kaye Baldwin Hedrick

24 juin , 2020

Very saddened to learn of Byron’s passing. What a pleasure to say that Byron was a classmate. We, the WHS Class of 1964, had a unique bond. Such a collective group of girls and boys that shared so much laughter, fun and, some pranks were included. What memories we all shared - a closeness that will always be treasured. Blessings to you, Helen, and the children as you move forward from this loss. My prayers are for your peace as cancer changes your life forever. We are healing from the loss of our son, a husband and father of 3, at 45 on July 2, 2019.

Johnny Williams

24 juin , 2020

Oh no! Byron was an athletic icon in Whiteville, NC.....we were neighbors growing up and everyone wanted to be on HIS team when the “Baldwin Woods boys” chose sides for any sport we were about to play......football or baseball. He was always the best athlete on the field and he was one of Whiteville High Schools best ever athletes......he’s in their Hall of Fame!
RIP Byron, I wish I’d have been on more of your teams......

John Davis

24 juin , 2020

I too was a neighbor and a close friend of the whole family. Alex and I were the same age two years behind Byron but that didn't stop us from trying to compete with him. He was great at everything. He made us practice and play harder. We played baseball in my yard, football in the streets and basketball anywhere there was a hoop. Later we even played in bridge tournaments together.

When we moved to Houston we lost touch with him and sadly never had the pleasure of meeting Helen or the family. I know that anyone who knew him will miss him. Emma and I send our sincere condolences to all the family and friends and share your loss.

Butch Pope

24 juin , 2020

So sad. I admired Byron as we grew up just 5 houses apart as little boys. I thought he would live forever. He could do anything. He was every body’s hero. He had wonderful parents and siblings in a perfect neighborhood to grow up in.