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Mandy Anita Ezzell

9 novembre , 197722 janvier , 2020

Mandy Anita Ezzell est né(e) le 9 novembre , 1977 et est décédé(e) le22 janvier , 2020.


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Mandy Anita Ezzell


Tristan Brown

31 janvier , 2020

Ms. Ezzell. She was my teacher in fifth grade along with many others. She shared many great stories about her life, and most of them were pretty funny. When she left the school, we were very sad that one of our favorite teachers left. My friend said that she was one of the best teachers he has ever had. This was very sad news when we found out. My deepest condolences to her family.

Liliana Villela

29 janvier , 2020

Miss Ezzell was my teacher in 5th grade and she would always tell us about what see did yesterday and sad or funny stories of her as a kid and my favorite thing was when she played the song she was named after.😭😭😭❤️

Kayla Rutledge

28 janvier , 2020

She was the best teacher I’ve ever had in 4th grade I never lost contact with her she means so much to me she helped me with so much and I’ll never forget everything she’s done she was such a great person and a very good role model to me and definitely had a big impact on my life I’ll miss her

Ahmya Bible

28 janvier , 2020

I had the pleasure of being a student of Ms.Ezzell. She always had an energy and love for students and teaching that made her so unique, and not to mention she was hilarious. A memory I had with her was around 2 years ago, I was in 8th grade at the time. I saw her at a local restaurant that I was eating at. She saw me, gave me the biggest hug, and we started to catch up after not seeing each other for a while. You can tell in that moment we both missed seeing each other a lot. This moment is something i will never forget, she could always light up a room just with her smile.
This memory along with many others is what I will cherish for a life time. Thank you Ms.Ezzell for not only teaching me subjects in school, but always being there for me when life got hard.
My thoughts and prayers are with her children and her family.
❤️ Love, Ahmya Bible

Roger Kemme

26 janvier , 2020

I have many happy memories of Mandy,being a stepfather to her and her sisters.
I remember the very first time she called me Dad, The warmth was overwhelming.
Each time we spoke she always called me Dad,
My prayers are with her children, her mom ,and her sisters.
She is now with Tita enjoying the reunion.
Love Roger (Dad)