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Larry Jackson

11 octobre , 19447 novembre , 2019

Larry Jackson est né(e) le 11 octobre , 1944 et est décédé(e) le7 novembre , 2019.


Larry Jackson


Cameron Menzies

26 novembre , 2019

It is with deep sadness and my condolences that Larry has passed. I grew up with Colin and Jeannie, Colin and I went to high school and the military together, and I was always around their place. Big Larry as I knew him was a wonderful man and great father to Colin and Jeannie and in a way I was his adopted kid, I always remember how he always made me feel welcome in his home and many great memories with their family. He will be missed, until we meet again “Big Larry”


Jeannie Hamby

26 novembre , 2019

Larry Jackson was my father, I am his only daughter & my brother Colin is his only son, and it breaks my heart to write this. He was a wonderful loving Father and Grandfather to my two children Ryan & Kyla. My Dad was a very hard working man, and we never went without, he spent most of his working life on the road as long distance truck driver and always had a story to tell of where he had been and an exceptional memory of every truck stop location along the way. My Dad loved to fish, it was a much loved hobby, and he was able to spend time fishing with Colin in Missouri just a few years ago. My dad will be layed to rest beside his father at Transcona Cemetary on Monday, December 1, 2019 @ 1:00 pm. A celebration of life will be held in Transcona in late April early May when family is able to come together and travel to Canada. I Love you with all my heart Dad, and I miss you terribly. Your little girl, Jeannie.

Anyone that would like to contact me can do so @ vtx_angel@yahoo.com in Yukon Oklahoma.

Janet Skinner

21 novembre , 2019

Larry was one of my homecare clients! I enjoyed my visits with larry and the fun and jokes we shared. My condolences to Larry's family, friends and all who loved him. RIP Larry

Christina Van Somer

13 novembre , 2019

Larry was one of my homecare clients. I miss our friendship we had and our morning chats. Sadly, I was the person who found him after he passed away. May he RIP.