Living Your Final Days

For many people facing death, there's a concern not for themselves but for their loved ones. As hard as it can be to think about not being with the people you love, it can be even harder to think about how they may feel when you're no longer with them.

There are some things you will never feel prepared for. Nevertheless, preparation often lends peace of mind and can ease the way for those you love.

If you know that you have only a short time to live, be sure you're getting the psychological, physical and spiritual care you need—and try to spend as much time with friends and family as you can. Here are some other things that might help you make the most of the remainder of your time.

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Prepararse para la Muerte

Prepararse para la muerte puede ser difícil. Utilice nuestra lista de chequeo de planificación funeraria para ayudarle a planificar sus servicios por adelantado, poner sus asuntos financieros en orden y más.


Making end-of-life arrangements

Each of us is born into this world, and each of us will leave it. What happens in the years between those events is your legacy. Your contributions will live on with your family, friends, work and personal passions. Planning your funeral ahead of time and organizing important information helps your family and ensures that your memorial reflects the life you lived.

Links to share with others

When you choose to plan with a Dignity Memorial® provider, your family members have unlimited complimentary phone access to professional grief counselors through the Compassion Helpline® for up to 13 months. Additionally, our online grief library has dozens of articles written by experts with experience helping families cope with death.