Callison-Lough Funeral Home

605 W Central Bentonville, AR


  • callison-lough-funeral-home-bentonville-randy-e-backstrom-general-manager

    Randy E Backstrom

    General Manager

    Randy grew up in Northwest Arkansas and graduated from the Dallas Institute of Funeral Science. He obtained his funeral directors license for both Arkansas and Oklahoma.

  • callison-lough-funeral-home-bentonville-erin-k-bodishbaugh-funeral-director

    Erin K Bodishbaugh

    Funeral Director

    Erin is a graduate of San Antonio College and a current student of John Brown University. She has been a funeral director since January 2013 and has been licensed in Arkansas since 2015.

  • callison-lough-funeral-home-bentonville-christina-kay-brown-funeral-director

    Christina Kay Brown

    Funeral Director

    Christina earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, and an associate degree in funeral science from Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts. During college, Christi worked for a funeral home in Boston and in 2011 moved to Arkansas to work at our funeral home.

  • callison-lough-funeral-home-bentonville-tristan-michael-mcauliff-funeral-director

    Tristan Michael McAuliff

    Funeral Director

    Tristan grew up in Northwest Arkansas and graduated from Rogers High School in 2003. He started his career in the funeral industry in West Helena, Arkansas, before returning to Rogers in 2009 to be closer to family and friends.

    Triston attended Arkansas State University where he received his degree in mortuary science. He has been a licensed funeral director since the 2000s and enjoys serving the Northwest Arkansas community.

  • callison-lough-funeral-home-bentonville-creig-a-sterrett-funeral-director

    Creig A Sterrett

    Funeral Director

    Creig joined our team in January of 2013. He is a graduate of the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service and the University of Central Missouri. He is passionate about helping families plan services that uniquely memorialize and honor their loved ones.