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Cemeteries honor loved ones and give future generations a place to remember and reflect. Choosing cemetery property is an important step in paying tribute to special lives and creating a lasting legacy.



Working together, Sunset Funeral Home and Sunset Cemetery allow the people of Minneapolis to take care of all their funeral, cremation and burial arrangements. These sister locations are located northeast of downtown, right off 35 West.

Cathedral-like chapel

Chapel at Sunset Funeral ChapelMade from natural limestone, the Sunset Funeral Home chapel accommodates 125 people. There is also overflow space for larger ceremonies. The cathedral-like design includes beautiful vaulted ceilings and geometric stained-glass artwork, but it is a non-denominational space for services for people of all cultures and religions.

The chapel has a modern audio/visual system to allow for video slideshows during the ceremony—which we are happy to help you create. With a ramp and other design elements, the chapel is also wheelchair accessible.

Customized funeral services

The associates at Sunset Funeral Home believe that each life is unique. Turning away from a one-size-fits-all approach, we help you find ways to include your loved one's passions, hobbies and personality into a funeral service. This means getting to know you or your loved one through you and figuring out what matters most, whether it was ice hockey or fashion, world travel or backyard gardening.

From a traditional religious funeral service, to a contemporary celebration of life, a large gathering or a more intimate service, your needs are our top priority, and our expert funeral directors work to meet both your heart's desire and your budget. It is our promise to provide you with a customized service that is special, meaningful and personalized.

When you plan with us, you have the option to host a catered reception for family and friends. Working with our catering partner and an off-site venue, we bring loved ones together for a light breakfast, drinks and appetizers, a sit-down dinner or anything in between.

Cremation services

Not everyone knows that there are many cremation options. If you are interested in cremation, the funeral home team can explain the process and different options. From a direct cremation without a memorial service or a witness cremation to a full funeral service before or after the cremation and more, we help you understand this increasingly common choice—and handle all of the cremation arrangements. If you wish, cremated remains can be placed at Sunset Cemetery.

Welcoming Kapala-Glodek Funeral Home families

Sunset Funeral Home is also happy to welcome families from Kapala-Glodek Funeral Home, which provided compassionate, personalized service in Minneapolis for over 85 years. We are committed to the same warm, comforting care that Kapala-Glodek Funeral Home maintained for generations.

Lean on us

As a member of the Dignity Memorial® network, Sunset Funeral Home gives you not only the warm, familiar attention you expect from a locally operated business but also the value you deserve by way of the largest network of funeral, cremation and cemetery service providers in North America.

Please contact us any time. We are here to assist you will every aspect of a funeral service.

Jackie the funeral home therapy dog

Experiencing loss and grief can be one of the most emotional, somber moments of life. Jackie, our beloved funeral home therapy dog, offers comfort to family and friends during this difficult time. Jackie’s steady and unwavering companionship helps to relieve stress and anxiety and provide a sense of consolation and calm to an otherwise stressful experience. Whether families are preparing to say their final farewells or going through the grief process after loss, Jackie is here to provide additional support and unconditional love when you need it most.

The Nightingale Tribute

Presented by the Nurses Honor Guard, The Nightingale Tribute pays homage to any registered nurse or licensed practical nurse for their years of service. For many, nursing is a calling and a way of life. It is a profession that cannot be lived in isolation and one in which nurses rely on each other for the synergistic effect of teamwork in all efforts of care giving. It is for these reasons that we honor nurses at the end of life’s journey with a special tribute.


Signage at Sunset Funeral ChapelSunset Funeral Home and Sunset Cemetery opened in 1922, serving families in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota, for nearly a century. The investor, Fred Ossanna, helped bring this vision to reality.

Tower of Memories

One of the property's most recognizable landmarks, the Tower of Memories, was built in the 1930s. Halfway down the main mall, it rises to a height of 75 feet. The 25-tone set of Deagan chimes within its belfry fills the air with music.

Additions and renovations

Over the years, the cemetery has added a number of burial options. The Chapel of Peace mausoleum was built in the early 1980s. The cemetery also added the Veterans Section designated for military servicemen and servicewomen.

In 2015, the administrative offices were remodeled with a new interior, carpeting and new windows. A couple of years later in 2017, the Chapel of Angels received new glass-front niches, and new glass-front banks were installed in the Sunset Chapel Mausoleum.

We Honor Veterans level 3 badgeWe honor veterans

At Sunset Cemetery, we understand the unique needs of America’s veterans and their families. As a Level Three Founding Community Partner with We Honor Veterans, our staff is knowledgeable in the benefits available to veterans and their families. With respect, integrity and dignity, we will walk you through the steps of creating a veteran's memorial service that truly honors the life and sacrifice of your loved one.

Sunset Cemetery

Water feature at Sunset Funeral Home and CemeteryBordering both Saint Paul and Minneapolis, the 130 acres of Sunset Cemetery have provided a peaceful final resting place for families for nearly a century.

Throughout the cemetery's history, families have chosen Sunset Cemetery for its calming aesthetics and serene atmosphere with ponds, waterfalls and flowering hedges. Almost everything you find at Sunset Cemetery is designed for reflection.

The cemetery maintains a park-like, natural feel with mostly flat markers and an abundance of trees. With various cemetery sections, we have several granite features at different vantage points, including the Grecian Love Temple, the Balustrade and the Sun Dial.

Additionally, all of the park’s buildings and memorials are built from Minnesota pearl pink granite. This unique aspect provides a beautiful local touch to our property.

Burial options at Sunset Cemetery

Cemetery options include traditional in-ground burial, above-ground entombment, cremation niches, columbaria and private family estates.

Mausoleum at Sunset Funeral Home and CemeterySunset Chapel Mausoleum sits toward the western end of the cemetery, on the edge of a reflecting pool. Completed in 1933, this architecturally significant mausoleum has stained-glass windows, brass doors and an original Kilgen pipe organ. The walls of the 4-level mausoleum are made of Italian marble. The chapel is a beautiful option for committal services. The park features 2 additional chapel mausoleums: Chapel of Peace and Chapel of Angels.

Chapel of Angels opened in 1999 and remains a lasting tribute to those who have sacrificed for our community and its safety. This mausoleum has one exterior wall dedicated to public servants and veterans. Inside, glass-front niches provide a unique opportunity for families to memorialize loved ones with photos and cherished mementoes.

Chapel of Peace is more modern in design. This mausoleum has traditional entombment options and backs up to a treed section of the cemetery.

Garden of Eternal Peace

The newest addition to Sunset Cemetery is the Garden of Eternal Peace. Created under the direction of a feng shui consultant, Garden of Eternal Peace was built to preserve and honor the esteemed traditions and unique heritage of Asian communities in the Twin Cities area.

Garden of Eternal Peace includes plants and landscaping that enhances its spiritual quality and features lots for private mausoleums, individual flat- and raised-monument areas, and numerous cremation options.

Photos convey a lot, but we invite you to see the memorial park for yourself. Visit us anytime or call us to set up a guided tour.

Community involvement and events

The teams at Sunset Funeral Home and Sunset Cemetery are honored to have served Minneapolis families for so many years and place a priority on giving back to the community.

For both Mother's Day and Father's Day, we distribute fresh flowers (roses for Mother's Day and carnations on Father's Day) to those who visit the cemetery to pay their respects.

On Memorial Day, team members greet and direct families to graves while also providing flowers for purchase. As a tribute to the military, Sunset Cemetery arranges for local active military members to conduct military honors.

Our Fall Festival is a fun event with hayrides around the cemetery.

Each December, we invite families to the funeral home and cemetery for our Holiday Service of Remembrance. This is an opportunity for families to gather and support each other while honoring their loved ones who have passed.

We also sponsor the annual St. Anthony VillageFest.

Celebration of Life Planning

Our planners are celebration of life experts. We plan more celebrations each year than any other provider, and we know just what to do to create a uniquely beautiful and heartfelt tribute with attention to detail like no other.

Every family who entrusts us with their loved one’s service can expect an event that includes:
  • meaningful music celebration of life
  • cherished memories celebration of life
  • a personalized message celebration of life

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Vintage photos scattered

Unable to find an obituary?

Not finding what you are looking for? Search for your loved one's obituary across any of our other locations.