Sugarman Sinai Memorial Chapel

458 Hope Street Providence, RI


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    Jeremy Poster


    Our manager, Jeremy Poster, is a recent addition to our team. He recently moved to Rhode Island from Northern California, where he served as the managing funeral director at 3 funeral homes. A second generation funeral director, Jeremy began his career in the funeral industry in the early 2000s with his father, Jay Poster, the founding manager of King David Memorial Chapel and Cemetery in Las Vegas. His hope is to bring peace to each family he serves. Always longing for an opportunity to move east, Jeremy enjoys the history and culture of his new home state.

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    Sarah E Lavendier - Colon

    Funeral Director

    Sarah graduated from the New England Institute of Funeral Services at Mount Ida College in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in funeral home management. After graduation, she began her career in Boston. She transferred to Providence in 2013 and today holds funeral director's and embalmer's licenses in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.