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    Sarah Kate Cannon

    Funeral Director

    Sarah Cannon is motivated to compassionate service by her own personal experiences. Sarah lost her father when she was only 9 years old. His sudden and unexpected death at 35 had a profound impact on her life and career path. Sarah is working toward becoming certified in thanatology, the study of death and dying. The specific topic of grief in children is especially dear to her heart.

    Sarah has heard that there are wedding people and there are funeral people, and she definitely considers herself a funeral person. She believes that much can be learned about life through death and is often inspired by the stories told in funeral services; learning what really matters to a person's family and friends. Sarah believes in the importance of involving children in the funeral process knowing that it often squelches the fears activated by what they see on TV and make up in their own imaginations.

    Sarah offers unique and personal support to families as she works with them to plan a meaningful service honoring the life of each loved one and highlighting what matters most.