Ted Mayr Funeral Home and Crematory

3150 Loma Vista Road Ventura, CA


  • ted-mayr-funeral-home-eric-b-dubois-general-manager

    Eric B Dubois

    General Manager
    License #: FD CA-FDR 1641

    Since the 90s, Eric DuBois has been guiding families in the Ventura and Los Angeles areas through the most difficult times of their life. Understanding the diversity of backgrounds and lifestyles from family to family, Eric is uniquely qualified to meet every need during the loss of a loved one. Originally from New Hampshire, his family moved to California in the mid-70s and Eric has now lived in Southern California for 4 decades. If you ask Eric what he considers his greatest accomplishments, he will answer his wife and daughter.

  • ted-mayr-funeral-home-alison-m-balding-funeral-arranger

    Alison M Balding

    Funeral Arranger

    A lifelong resident of Ventura, Alison Moser Balding considers her profession a calling as opposed to a job. Alison has a servant’s heart and genuine compassion for people. She believes it's an honor and privilege to assist families with final arrangements for their loved ones. Her strong ethics carry over to every aspect of serving the families of our community. Alison is the 4th of 8 children. She and her husband have 3 children and 4 handsome grandsons. Alison is a devoted volunteer with the Ventura Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

  • ted-mayr-funeral-home-nathaniel-p-beavers-funeral-arranger

    Nathaniel P Beavers

    Funeral Arranger

    Nathan Beavers is proud to be a part of our caring staff as a funeral counselor. Born and raised in Southern California, Nathan has lived in Ventura since 1990. He attended schools in Ventura, graduating in 2003, and has recently returned to Ventura Community College to continue his education.

    Nathan experienced multiple losses of close family and friends during his youth. He emerged from these struggles with humility, compassion and an understanding for the experience of the families he serves.

    When not at work, Nathan enjoys finishing a good book, game nights and spending time with family and friends. He enjoys much of nature, whether it’s hiking through the mountains or walking along the beach. Nathan is actively involved in community outreach, charity and the Masonic fraternity.