Thomson In The Park Funeral Home and Cemetery

1291 McGillivray Blvd Winnipeg, MB


  • thomson-in-the-park-funeral-home-and-cemetery-christopher--bowskill-funeral-director

    Christopher Bowskill

    Funeral Director

  • thomson-in-the-park-funeral-home-and-cemetery-lorraine-lynn-greig-funeral-director

    Lorraine Lynn Greig

    Funeral Director

    After 35 years in customer service, Lorraine made a career change. She went to the Canadian College of Funeral Service, where she graduated in 2016, and today finds helping families through difficult times a gratifying experience. Life has given Lorraine the ability to truly empathize with families who have lost loved ones.

    Lorraine is the mother of 2 grown children, hosts international students in her home and volunteers with the Arthritis Society. She also enjoys curling, dancing and entertaining friends and family.

  • thomson-in-the-park-funeral-home-and-cemetery-shane--lilley-funeral-director

    Shane Lilley

    Funeral Director

  • thomson-in-the-park-funeral-home-and-cemetery-richard--wankling-funeral-director

    Richard Wankling

    Funeral Director