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Jenny DiPasquale

November 25, 1931June 15, 2020

Jenny DiPasquale, 88, of Casselberry, Florida passed away on June 15, 2020. She was born in Brooklyn, New York to the late John and Gina (Piccitto) Schembari. Jenny was a talented seamstress and a devoted teacher's assistant. She held her Italian heritage, her Catholic Faith, and her beloved family close to her heart.

Here are some words of tribute from one of her 3 beloved sons, Frank DiPasquale--

I love my mother. She is a great person and my role model. She has always made the best of everything no matter what the situation was. She taught me to work hard and do my best and when she thought that I wasn't she would say the one thing I never wanted to hear which was that she was disappointed in me. She said to always be fair and respectful to people. She worked hard taking care of 3 boys, a dog and a husband. On top of that she used to work from September through June every year so that she could take care of us during the summer. I always thought that she wanted a daughter to help her and talk to instead of all guys in the house, she never said this or complained about what she did. She especially loved her last job which was working for the Syracuse school system. She worked at that job for several years where she was teaching kids to speak English. These kids not only spoke Italian as their native tongue but also other languages too. This was a loving challenge for her and she really enjoyed this challenge and the kids, too. She eventually retired and they moved to Florida where she enjoyed friends and family.

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Jenny DiPasquale

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Sue DiPasquale

July 9, 2020

Mom, you were the heart of the family. Always happy, laughing and glad to see everyone . You held family close to your heart. I will remember all of the holidays spent together with all of the delicious food. You and Dad were great cooks. No one ever left hungry! I really appreciated how you included my Mom, Dad and Brother in many of the Christmas celebrations over the years. I thank you for that. To this day my brother thinks that you make the best lasagna ever! I have to agree. My children were lucky to grow up with you so close by and they did learn many card games from you. I enjoyed playing Italian cards with you and them. You even taught us how to play Mahjong. I still have the set you bought me and hope to play it again some day. It will always remind me of you. I am sure the ladies at the Casselberry woman's club miss their playing partner too. You spent many years playing with them. The last several years were difficult due to the arthritis and effects of the stroke but you never complained. You always had a smile no matter what. And when someone walked into the room, I can still here your voice saying, "Well Hello there!" making them feel welcome. Rest in peace Mom....I love and miss you!!!

Andrea DiPasquale

July 8, 2020

One of my favorite memories of time spent with Mom was our late night 500 Rummy games we would play.I also loved her cooking ,always was delicious and she gave me a couple of good recipes that I make and enjoy still today {pea soup and cassada pie} yum!!!!I always felt welcomed and loved.I will truly miss her and our visits we shared over the years.Lots of good times and laughs and she did have a great laugh too!I CAN STILL HEAR IT. Andrea

Marc DiPasquale

July 7, 2020

When I think of Grandma it brings up so many fond memories of my childhood. Mike and I were lucky to spend a lot of time with our grandparents, whether it be during our many family gatherings or just on random weekends.

No matter the occasion, Grandma was always full of positive energy, yet at the same time relaxed and able to enjoy the moment. She was always loving and laughing, socializing and wanting to play games, so many great games! I still have a deck of Italian cards that will remind me of her anytime I see them. And of course who could forget the great food! She was an amazing chef and always tried to feed us, even if we had just eaten...which we didn't mind :)

She was loved by all who knew her and will be missed by many. May she rest in peace.

Love you Grandma!

Barbara DiPasquale

July 7, 2020

When I think of Grandma...

I think of her contagious laugh (with her head tilted back and her hand hitting the table – I can her now!), her carefree spirit and of course her quiet strength! I always felt close and connected to her. We could look at each other and start laughing without saying anything.

It wasn’t til her later years that her progressive views became apparent to me. She always encouraged, supported and took interest in my non-traditional life choices.

I have fond memories of watching and helping her cook, going to the grocery store, and playing scrabble and cards even though she always seemed to whoop my butt…haha. It was the simple times and moments that I treasured with her.

She was quite the woman – I will miss her dearly!! May she rest in peace, may her spirit live on and may we feel her with us as we move on.

I love you Grandma!

John DiPasquale

July 6, 2020

My grandmother, Gram, was such an amazing person! She never complained about anything even though she certainly could have especially with regards to the Rheumatoid she dealt with for decades. I always admired her strength, wisdom and how resourceful she was. LOVED our talks at the kitchen table, the infectious laugh she had which I'll always remember and when I think of it makes me smile :-)

I miss the late night card games and how she would play. Gram was a card shark! She wouldn't say much if anything at all during the card game, but often at the end when the cards were played/revealed she would have a smile on her face no matter what. Usually she would wind, but it didn't matter she smiled no matter what making her very difficult to read, which of course drove grandpa nuts! Lol

She was so honest too which I very much respected and always knew whatever was on her mind about what I was saying/doing I was going to get her whole hearted opinion whether I liked it or not. She often remained calm even in the most stressful situations and let her cooler head prevail. Loved that calmness about her and I know when I was around her in stressful times I would feel calmer too.

Gram was incredible in kitchen too and my stomach/taste buds and nose misses everything she used to make from her homemade sauce, lasagna, focaccias, salads, chicken cutlets, soups, homemade bread, etc...I could go on. You never left her table not stuffed and if she didn't think you were eating enough she would be concerned. This is why my family and I almost inevitably seem to gain at least 5 to 10 lbs during our visits that were usually only about a week long! Lol

Those are just a few of the many memories I have of my incredible grandmother. I love you so much gram and I feel so thankful for all the great times and laughs we had over the years. Thank you for all your support and love that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Love your grandson, John

Linda Scrofani

July 6, 2020

Dear Rick (Tina), Frank (Melissa) and Rob (Sue),

I am so sorry to hear about the death of your mother. I always enjoyed her light hearted nature. Even when her memory was failing she would laugh about it. I never heard Jenny complain about her arthritis, the surgeries and the limitations. She always seem to work around it. Jenny was kind and hospitable to me. I enjoyed spending time with her; talking about the past and present, and having fun playing cards. I will miss her laugh and lighthearted spirit.

With love,

Carmela Kosakowski

July 5, 2020

Dear Frank, Rick and Robert

Sorry to hear of your Mom's passing.

I have fond memories of how Aunt Jenny was supportive when my husband passed, which was appreciated. Also the phone conversations, where she would keep us updated on Grandma's day and she would laugh as she was telling me. I will miss hearing her laughter.

May she rest in peace, now that she is with her two sisters, Aunt Mary and my Mom.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the family. With God's love and mine, Lina.

Linda Scrofani

July 5, 2020

I always enjoyed visiting Jenny and felt at home in her house. She always wanted to make sure I had enough to eat, that was her first concern when she saw me. We talked about life in Sicily, when she moved to America and had her family. Her father and my grandmother were brother and sister so there was history there that I loved hearing about. Jenny had a sharp memory for details. Jenny loved to spend time with her family in person and on the phone. Jenny had the worst arthritis I had seen; she probably had surgery on every joint in her body more than once. She never complained about it and worked around it. I always admired that about her. She always took things in stride with good humor. The last time I visited Jenny she did not remember my name but she knew that I was someone familiar. She laughed about it and knew how to make things light instead of heavy. What a great gift that was. I will always remember Jenny’s laughter, smile and kindness.

Anna Fedele

July 4, 2020

Dear Frank,Rick and Robert

We're so sad to hear about your Mom passing,
Aunt Jenny was a very special person to me
I will always carry her memory in my heart.