Marina Wilson

September 27, 1950November 12, 2018

Marina Wilson, 68, of Longwood, FL, passed away November 12, 2018. She was born in Manchester, England on September 27, 1950. She was married to Robert Wilson on April 22, 1972 in Omagh, Northern Ireland.

Subsequent to her high school education and vocational training in hair styling at a college in Manchester, England, Marina eventually opened her own salon in the English Potteries area. In 1974 she immigrated with her husband to Canada, settling in Mississauga, Ontario, where she continued with hairdressing and also became interested in amateur dramatics, and her incredible ability for learning scripts led to several leading roles. After seven years of dealing with the Canadian winters the enlarged family relocated to Florida and eventually became US citizens. Marina totally embraced the Florida lifestyle, and lived in the Wekiva area in the same house until her untimely death due to Alzheimer’s Disease. She contributed to the community through major amateur dramatic performances with the Bay Street Players in Eustis and the IceHouse Players in Mount Dora. Her hair styling talents were also well known in several hair salons that she owned and operated in Altamonte Springs and the surrounding area. She was very interested in travel, particularly on cruise ships, and her other passion was playing the Las Vegas slot machines where she was amazingly successful. Unfortunately, AD eventually caused her vibrant energy for life to be extinguished.

She was survived by her husband Robert Wilson. Daughters Rebecca Young, Sarah Wilson, and Donna Pollitt. Grandchildren Kayla Young, Tyler Young, John Williams and Jodi Williams.

In lieu of flowers, we would like to ask that donations be made to New Hope for Kids in Marina’s memory.


We started with romance,

That has flourished and grown,

And continued with love,

As good as is known.

The reason for our love,

Was definitely you.

I loved what you were,

I loved what you do.

You were a woman

With your very own style.

Your presence and being

Made my life worthwhile.

You were my friend

And my lover too.

You were my wife

And I’ll always love you.

Your loving husband, Bob.


Marina Wilson

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Tony Johnson

December 21, 2018

It truly was an honor and privilege to have known Marina and called her my friend. She and Bob first extended their trust in me by giving me "a shot" as their Financial Advisor, but as the relationship grew into a friendship over the years, and I was able to visit their home, I vividly recall this unique warmth that I received as Marina always eagerly greeted me with her radiant smile at the front door.
She always listened very intently and then would stump me with very well thought out questions!! I am in great hope that in my lifetime, the advancements in medicine will eventually find a cure for this disease that took her and her bright mind away from us way too prematurely.
One question she made sure and always asked was "do you want another cup of coffee, Tony"? She made the most delicious little sandwiches with the crusts cut away that I just loved and looked forward to. And although I helped myself to many, she would always ask if I wanted more!! Marina possessed the rare trait of being genuinely concerned for others. A very sweet and lovely lady....truly Angelic!
Tony Johnson

Heather Carr Etheridge

December 15, 2018

Dear Marina,

We didn’t have much time to spend with each other but it was special. Robert (he was always Robert when we went to Scotforth School in Lancaster, England, in the 1950s) and I communicated via Friends Reunited, a UK website, that functioned in the early 2000s. Robert told me you had lived in Canada and were now in Florida and that you were a hairdresser. At that time, I lived in Chicago, then retired and moved to South Carolina with my husband in 2011.

Robert found me again in May of this year when my stepson sent me a Mother’s Day Facebook greeting and Robert and I started chatting again. Robert told me of your illness. In September this year when Hurricane Michael was heading for the US east coast and the Governor of South Carolina ordered evacuation, Robert contacted me and asked what my plans were. I was heading north to Columbia and Robert said, we have plenty of room if you want to drive down here. I thought about it……….someone I haven’t seen since we were 11 years old……..but after a lot of thought said, what the heck, and I drove down and met you. Robert and I yapped on about the good old days and you listened. You laughed with us. We ate together and we drank together. I met your daughter Becky, and Emma that gorgeous doberman. We looked at the photograph of you in Las Vegas, a beautiful blond in a lovely gold dress, when you won a ginormous amount of money with the 777 slots and you said, “seven”, and laughed. You did remember.

I wish we had met earlier in life. I know we could have been good friends. You are now in a better place and I hope you are at peace. It was good to spend five days of my life with you and Robert at your home in Florida. Robert told me about all the improvements you oversaw on the home. Very special.

I hope we will meet again some time.

Noel Vause

December 11, 2018

Having known Marina since a very young “Belle of the ball” in Belfast (Bob at Queens and myself on the Heysham-Belfast ferry), until very recently struck down with that awful illness in Florida, I extend to Bob and the family my sincere condolences for the loss of a beautiful wife.
I know they had a fascinating life together and recall their visit to Lancaster some years ago and with Linda telling me the tale of shopping with Marina; upon buying a bag of apples she proceeded to open it and inspect each one demanding a replacement for one apple. The manager was called but she got her way!!
Bob would ring frequently with tales of “ another cruise in the offing”. I can picture Marina at the Captains table and dancing the night away.
She was also a bit of a “petrol head” driving her Mercedes 500 soft top at great speed along the freeways.
Even suffering latterly she kept herself fit with walks around the nearby lakes.
To all who knew Marina her passing is a sad loss.
Noel Vause

Julian Richards

December 10, 2018

I first met Bob and Marina in the mid-80's when Bob hired on with Logica, a UK computer consultancy company. At the time I was managing the Florida division of Logica, based in Winter Park. The professional staff consisted mostly of "young" ex-pats; the majority from the UK. We worked hard... and of course we played was Florida after all! I recall many social occasions when we got together with wives, families and significant others. I had heard a lot about Marina from Bob before I ever met her. She was always very busy as I recall, even more so than Bob, which is saying a lot! I recall attending parties and dinners together. Marina was a wonderful hostess, excellent cook, and always generous in spirit.

I enjoyed getting together with Marina and Bob. This was especially important as Logica's Central Florida operations declined, culminating in the closure of the Winter Park office in the late 80's. During this difficult time professionally, I greatly valued my friendship with Marina and Bob and remained close until I relocated to Atlanta in the early 90's and then ultimately to Texas. Bob and I have kept in touch over the subsequent years - decades (!) - thank you Bob for always reaching out when in town on business or when getting together with mutual friends back in Orlando. More recently I was of course greatly saddened to learn of Marina's AD diagnosis. I can only imagine how difficult the last few years have been for Bob and his family as the disease progressed. I've learned too of Bob's deep love for Marina that enabled him to care for her at their home throughout this most difficult period. To me, Bob's love for Marina is the ultimate testimony, a reflection of the wonderful person he married: Marina, as a wife, a mother and as a best friend.

Geoff Allister

December 5, 2018

My friendship with Marina dates back almost 50 years to the early 70's when she came to Belfast to live with Bob in the house with the blue door in Ridgeway Street. Many enjoyable evenings were spent there with Marina, who was the perfect hostess, making everyone feel welcome and ensuring a plentiful supply of food and liquid refreshment was available. I was delighted to be invited to Bob and Marina's wedding in Omagh where the celebrating went on into the wee small hours.

On moving to the alien environment of Northern Ireland, Marina initially had some difficulties with our accents and I recall one occasion when I asked for a light trim of my hair only to receive a very tight buzz cut!

Our friendship grew following a trip my wife, Janet, and I made to Orlando in the late 80's. Marina kindly invited us to stay with her in her beautiful home for a period. Her advice and guidance on shopping, dining, places to visit and things to do were invaluable, and her generous hospitality ensured a memorable holiday.

Marina had high standards in her professional and personal life and I recall her politely complaining about how cold the air conditioning was in a certain restaurant while I just sat there shivering. Her complaint resulted in her receiving vouchers towards a return visit and she generously shared these with us.

Up until relatively recently we have happy memories of meeting Marina and Bob for walks, meals and chats. These were always fun occasions and Marina was excellent company and introduced us to a wide range of local restaurants and shopping malls!

Marina was a fun loving, vibrant and cheery person. She was generous, kind and thoughtful, a lovely person to be around and to have as a friend. Tragically her life was cut short all too soon. We'll miss her greatly. Our thoughts at this sad time are with Bob, Becky, Brandon, Kayla and Tyler.

Guy Littler-Jones

December 3, 2018

I knew Marina in the 1970s when Bob and I were working for UK computer firm ICL. It was a young company and most of us were still in our 20s, so there was plenty of socialising outside of work. This was something at which Marina excelled, being a wonderful hostess at her frequent parties and great company at others. At one of Marina’s parties the idea was to bring a bottle of homemade wine – some were excellent.
At work we had a coffee club which had started with an Electric Kettle and some Instant Coffee. However it had soon become in great demand, not just from our own department, and had snowballed into quite a venture. A great variety of biscuits and other snacks had been added to the tea and coffee – all on a not for profit basis of course. The committee would spend some time trying to price items as close as possible to cost but just above rather than just below to allow continued investment.
As the owner of a business, Marina had access to large wholesale stores not open to the general public. She very kindly used her card to purchase all future coffee club supplies at greatly reduced prices. The items were usually delivered to site in her little green van. Although our part of ICL was very meritocratic, the older parts of the site were not and the Security Guards delighted in refusing entry to the Senior Management Car Park. However our end of the estate usually had the Gates wide open and Bob would approach at high speed in the little green van, turn sharply at the last minute to hurtle down the service road, and be out of the van with his load of supplies and safely up the back stairs before the panting Guards could catch up.
They were happy times which we thought would go on for ever but of course Bob and Marina emigrated to Canada and I didn’t stay with that part of the company for many more years either.
Bob had told me in recent years that Marina was unwell and it’s terribly sad that someone with such a vibrant personality has been taken far too young.

Kenny Mullin

December 3, 2018

I first met Marina Wilson when she came to Belfast, Northern Ireland, in the early 1970s to live with her future husband, Bob. Bob and I were in the Computer Science Department of the university there, and together with my girlfriend and a number of other friends we shared many happy times over the next few years. I also stayed with Bob and Marina for a period in their flat in Ridgeway St, Belfast. With my father being the Registrar of Marriages in Omagh, a town not far from Belfast, Bob and Marina decided to get married there and by him - with myself as best man. It was a great occasion on a rare sunny day in Ireland with all our friends assembled. Later, Bob and Marina moved on from Belfast to England, Canada and eventually Florida, and I was fortunate enough to visit them on a number of occasions.

I was always struck by Marina’s vivacity, fun-loving ways and generosity of spirit. She was a delight to be around. On one occasion she organized a surprise birthday party for Bob, which involved all of us hiding away in their darkened flat before springing the surprise on a bewildered Bob. There was much merriment that evening. She must indeed have wondered what she let herself in for coming to Belfast, which in the early 70s was going through the worst of “The Troubles” – a nasty internecine conflict with bombs going off at regular intervals and civil atrocities on the news most days. On one occasion we were evacuated from the Ridgeway St flat at 2:00 in the morning as there was a bomb scare in an adjoining house. Despite the cold, the discomfort and the ungodly hour, Marina carried on an animated and joking conversation with the Army officer who was keeping the public away from the threatened house. She was intensely curious about what it was like to be a soldier in Belfast at that time. That was her – friendly, curious and fun-loving.

Natalie Pottinger

November 26, 2018

Since my auntie Marina lived abroad I only have a few memories of her but I remember them vividly. I remember that on her visits to England she would bring with her a suitcase full of American sweeties. I was never allowed to eat so much sugar, so for me it was like all my birthdays and Christmas’s had come at once. I have a very fond memory of Becky and I, sat on the stairs munching our way through the goodies listening to the adults downstairs.

Auntie Marina, I didn’t know you very well but I see beauty, strength, character and a good heart in your daughters, through whom you continue to shine through.

Sending all my love to my family near and far.

Donna Pollitt

November 19, 2018

Marina I have always missed you and will carry on missing you for ever,you will never be forgotten and sadly missed but I will always remember you forever,good night beautiful , love Donna Xxxx