Michael Augustus LAREAU

March 18, 1956September 28, 2018

Michael Augustus LAREAU was born on March 18, 1956 and passed away on September 28, 2018.


Michael Augustus LAREAU

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Terrance Walton

October 9, 2018

I started working with Mike when I first started my position in 2006. He was great to work with and always had away of making you smile, he will be truly missed as a friend

Renee Mazza

October 8, 2018

I worked with Mike since 2006. Mike provided expert IT support to our field office and was always cheerful and willing to help. Mike always joked around. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for your loss. I will keep Mike and your family in my prayers.

Michele (Smith) Zoutes

October 4, 2018

I first met Mike in 1981 at USF. He was a friendly face to this 17 year old kid among all these "grownups". I was intimidated and very scared, but he was always kind. I was honored to become among his group of friends. He was funny, he was snarky, he was a man of honor. I remember when he let me drive his trans am, just because I had never driven a fast car. His only caveat was that I was responsible for any tickets I got. :)

I regret not staying in touch and am sad beyond belief at the loss of this awesome soul. Never forgotten. Always missed.

Jackie McGlasson

October 4, 2018

I met Michael in my twenties at USF through our mutual friend Bryan. Not sure where we were introduced nor the occasion but I do remember how I felt. It was like a Knight of the Round Table walked in the room. It wasn't a girly crush type of feeling but more like I was in the presence of a hero, a champion of the people in other words, someone special. Just thinking of his smile makes me feel good and smile of course.
Michael you were loved by all!

Ed Rosado

October 3, 2018

I first met Mike as many others have, through the telephone providing his technical knowhow to us in the field. Our conversations were never short or dull. He always added some Trek humor to our conversations and always wrapped up with his Scotty impersonations. I was privileged enough to meet him in person during one of my visits to DC and from then on I could not stop in DC without dropping by to say hello. He impressed me with his outlook in life, his joviality, and his immense knowledge of so many and varied subjects. I considered him a friend, and I will miss him. Qapla'!

Maritza Santiago

October 3, 2018

Mike provided IT remote support to my federal government office in the Caribbean. Throughout the years, waiting over the phone while he was fixing and troubleshooting, I discovered what a wonderful human being Mike was. Always cheerful, positive, helpful, caring, compassionate, sensible and humble. I'm very grateful for all his professional assistance and support during many years and will miss him. Godspeed Mike!

Paul Henry

October 3, 2018

Michael was my colleague and worked in the IT department for a federal department in Washington DC. He was a walking encyclopedia on World War II, and a good story teller on the subject. And Michael served in the military during the Gulf War. Michael was always ready to cheerfully help staff solve their computer problems. He was friendly and a good conversationalist. Michael will be sorely missed. May God bless Mr. Lareau and his family.

Lorain Alonso

October 3, 2018

Michael and I served together in the 37th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, USAF Reserves in Tampa during the 80-90s. Our friendship came easy since Michael was very intelligent, funny and a true empath. Michael knew when you had a zillion things on your mind and would help me learn how to relieve stress with civilian work, military obligations, school and home-life demands. I remember when I was taking classes at USF, Organic Chemistry and Physics, Mike introduced me to 'Star-Trek-ology' and I even tried to learn a couple words in Klingon! Our strategy was for me to speak Klingon to the Teachers Assistants (TAs) whenever I didn't understand, to convey that they must be speaking Klingon, right? I think Michael laughed the most when I would show the Spock "live long and prosper' Vulcan sign and then try to speak Klingon! The humor that Michael brought me was critically important and helped me realize that balance in life is very important. The serious aspects of my life had me so intensely focused and stressed, Michael taught me that learning complicated subjects, can be fun and humor will help me cope with some of the pressure. We both agreed that I needed a bigger vocabulary than 'where is the restroom?' if I was ever to make any headway with the TAs! But on days that I was feeling pressure - I would give Michael the Spock sign from the distance and we would both chuckle and then it would help me re-ground, take a deep breath, then reset. I'm one of Michael's biggest fans because I admire the professional commensurate professional I worked with and respected him for his devotion to his friends. I'm blessed and privileged to have shared so many wonderful memories with Michael. The words 'live long and prosper' will always live in my heart as I remember my incredible friend. I celebrate Michael, who subtly taught me valuable life lessons along the journey, to cope with life stresses through love, respect and honor.

Bryan Reese

October 2, 2018

I first met Michael in the late 1970s when we both worked as bag boys at the U-Save Grocery Store on Bearss Avenue in Tampa. We became good friends sharing interests in science fiction and engineering. When in college, I was a bit annoyed that you had to have declared Engineering as your major to take an Engineering course. I mean I didn’t have to do that for any other discipline. Michael told me that it was no big deal and that I just had to add the major and if I didn’t like the course I could drop both that and the major. Well I did add the major and took that course. I passed and I never did drop the major. I graduated with my Engineering Degree, thanks to Michael. He even helped me get a job at the USF Sun Dome to help pay for food, books, housing, and tuition. If it weren't for him, I may never have completed college, find the career that I've enjoyed, or find all the good friends that have been part of my life...

Brett Peppe

October 2, 2018

Michael was a lifelong civil servant, tireless patriot and amateur military historian. He often remarked that military history may not repeat itself, but often rhymed. All of his lifelong friends from the University of South Florida College of Engineering will miss his signature brand of dry wit.