Martha (Susan) Tasse

December 24, 1947December 1, 2018

Martha Susan Tasse--‘Sue Schell’ as she was known to most--began her great life adventure on Christmas Eve 1947, in Atlanta. Befitting the date of her birth, she turned out to be a true gift to so many people who would discover her, and her unique take on life, along the way. Susan ended her earthly adventure, also in Atlanta, on Dec. 1, 2018, but she will continue to bring joy and friendship to all who knew her.

Sue loved her family: Fred and Rocco (her husband and dog) Tasse; Parents: the late Noemie and Jim Schell; Sisters: Judy Sells and Mimi Hays; In Laws: Happy Hays, Billy Reeves, Denise Stevens, David Miller; Nieces: Heidi Reeves, Ann Miller, Ansley Stevens; Nephews: Ross Stevens, Jimmy Stevens, Sim Sells, Walker Stevens, Jackson Miller; and all her friends who are too numerous to list.

Sue was a 1965 graduate of Sandy Springs High where she was a cheerleader. At the University of Georgia, she majored in English literature (the E School she called it) and was a proud sister of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority (a group of her sisters still meet annually for the GAGA reunion) After graduating from UGA in 1969 she studied screenwriting at Georgia State University.

Sue Schell was a teacher, librarian, writer, artist (although she didn’t claim to be), performer, mentor, jewelry store owner and “best friend” to what seems like about 100 people, most notably husband Fred. Sue taught Tap-Dancing - Madame Sue Sue and the Thunderettes and formed a touring group from among her students, The Mason Dixon Line that brought joy to both the audience and the dancers with their performances around Atlanta. She continued her dancing in shows with the HaHaVishnu Orchestra, and she had just begun dancing in the Wuthering Heights festivals.

Sue’s love of travel carried her to almost all of North America and to much of Europe. Her deep love of literature and art, as well as pop culture, drove much of her travel agenda.

All her life she read everything she could put her hands on—but only in print. Her aversion to Digital Media and technology in general was legendary (who has a flip-phone)?

Passion for music played a large role in her life; from live concerts where she enjoyed visiting backstage with her former rock roadie husband (a retired CNN tech manager), to the constant playing of Kinks and Randy Newman (no really constantly) everywhere they went.

Sue found her greatest joy in keeping in touch and exchanging old and new memories with friends; retaining friendships that extended back to childhood.

Sue says it all in one of her short stories “Going Home”

They should have held Aunt Hett’s funeral In a glass dome where the ceiling was the sky Instead of Sandy Springs Memorial Chapel Outdoors with her pet raccoons is where she belongs Not here, covered with red carnations in a closed room

A private family memorial was held (special thank you Father Jim Duffy) and several celebrations are being planned for after the New Year. “Sue Schell” will be missed. And she will be remembered.


Martha (Susan) Tasse

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Patricia Reeb

December 9, 2018

My husband and I were so sorry to read about Susan's passing. We were fortunate to have known her and have fond memories of her dating back to when she worked with us in our tea room. Our deepest sympathies to Fred and her family.

Marjo Bittle

December 5, 2018

I sure will miss you Susan! Your voice alone was enough to crack me up. Something about that “Susan Schell Tasse”’voice and sense of humor. Always loved our conversations and catching up in our Family. We spent a lot of time researching our Family genealogy and in that time I learned so much and it was a great time researching and sharing
Our history. Our last visit was years ago, when we had to drag mom (Martha) with Chuck and I to drive to Atlanta to visit Noemi and Jimmy and y’all). She fought us as she hated driving on the interstate! But we got her there and it ended up being the Best Time ever for her and us! We went to your home for lunch. All to can remember is laughing so much! Your beautiful home! The photos and paintings you had . The light poles from Uncle Jimmy. Your home was like you, warm, comfy and full of love, memories, true to your heart and sense of humor. While we talked, emailed after that..I remember most that time at your home with Fred and it was one of my favorite times and moments. I love you, I will always carry you in my heart and add to our genealogy of a woman of substance who we will cherish always. You dear cousin Susan have a place in my hear forevermore.

Ray Marchman

December 5, 2018

Loved her lots, will never forget her and will forever miss her. May the good Lord hold and strengthen the family at this most difficult time and bring them unto Himself.

Sally Gilson-Wanzer

December 4, 2018

Susan and her hair dryer sticks in my memory all these years later and I don't have too much of a memory left. Susan's "white noise" sleeping mechanism was a shower cap type hair dryer plugged in and running all night long. I don't know if that was a life long insomnia cure but it fit Susan's unique approach to things that made her so fun to be around. I cherished Susan's friendship and her open personality, always authentic and ready for adventure. I too remember the liquor cabinet and often wonder how her parents never figured out why so much of it vanished after a weekend of several of us being her guest.

My condolences to her family at this sad time. Susan lives on in my mind as she was a friend I needed during that rough adolescent period of my life.

Peace to All

Charlotte Parks

December 4, 2018

It was so much fun being friends with Susan through high school. I loved spending time at the Shell house. Jim, Naomi and Judy were always nice to be around. I remember Jim drove a little Volkswagen beatle. When we were old enough to drive, we took his car out for a spin. Somehow, we returned home in his car with a smashed windshield. We made up a big lie about trying to kill a bug that was crawling on the inside of the window. Jim was not believing it, but he let it slide. Every week, we looked forward to the day when the can of Charles Chips was delivered. It didn’t take long to scarf those down. We also occasionally partook of a swig or two from the family whisky cabinet. Inside the door was a sign that said “lips that touch liquor shall never touch mine.” We got a laugh out of that every time.

My condolences to the family. Susan was a special person.