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Ruth Retana Quiroz

July 14, 1940April 30, 2020
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Ruth Retana Quiroz (Maria del Refugio Reyes Retana) was born July 14, 1940, in Mexico City, D.F., Mexico. She was the daughter of Tomas Reyes Retana, and Maria Hilaria Palos Reyes Retana. She had 5 brothers: Daniel, Silvano, Tomas Jr., Ramon, and Jose, and 2 sisters: Elena and Eugenia. As a young child, the family relocated to Ensenada, B.C., Mexico.

As she grew into a beautiful young lady, she met the love of her life, Leonard, in 1959. Their love story is one in a million that should be shared. On one of Leonard’s many adventures, he took a drive with friends to Ensenada. He had invited his best friend Daniel to accompany him, but he declined and stayed behind in Fontana, CA. Leonard had a great weekend with friends. One night, he had a bit to drink, and pulled over in a random neighborhood to sleep it off. The next morning, Leonard woke up to see a beautiful young lady with her long blonde hair cascading on to her face, walking home. It was love at first sight for both of them. Leonard cheered Ruth with his bottle; she smiled back, and walked into her home that she shared with her mom and young brother. Ruth asked her mom for money to buy tortillas (an excuse to go back outside), and by the time she went back out, Leonard had left. She was heart broken to see that he was gone. Leonard went back home to Fontana. He met up with his best friend, and told him all about this beautiful girl he saw in Ensenada. Of course, Daniel asked if he got her name, and he said no. So the next weekend, they took a trip to Ensenada to find her. Leonard retraced his steps on getting to the beautiful girl’s home. By the time they drove into the neighborhood, Daniel had a feeling it was his sister. Leonard pointed out the house, Daniel walked in, and came out with his arm around his sister and mom. THEIR LOVE STORY BEGINS. They had been dating for 3 months when he asked for her hand in marriage at the beach —“Te quieres amarrar con migo?” — with chaperones in tow of course. They got married by the justice of the peace on March 19,1960, and by the Catholic Church on August 6, 1960. They made a life in Fontana, and had 3 children: Jim, Josie, and Mona (Earl), 6 grandchildren: Eric, Hilary, Jeremy (Amber), Ariel (Gabriel), Nicolai, and Kasie (Joe), and 8 great-grandchild: Ryan, Jessi Love, Zyra, Lana, Gage, Maverik, Lily, and Grant.

One of Ruth’s proudest achievements was becoming an American Citizen on March 24, 1983. She was an amazing, wonderful, loving, thoughtful, caring, and devoted wife, mom, Wata, sister, tia, prima, comadre, and friend. She was a great sales woman - selling Avon for 37 years, and loved to cook and bake for everyone. She was known to crochet for any special occasion, but mostly for fun —you could always find her at the store buying yarn. Taking silly pictures was her specialty when out and about. She loved to travel, and experience new foods. Some of her travels included: Alaska, Canada, Catalina Island, Hawaii, Mexico, Nevada, and Washington State. The ocean was near to her heart, as it reminded her of her love story with Leonard.

Ruth was full of life and love. Her beautiful spirt beamed each and every day. Their love story continues in heaven, together forever.

Ruth loved you all, thank you for being a part of her life.


  • Leonard P. Quiroz, Husband (deceased)
  • Jim Quiroz, Son
  • Josie Quiroz, Daughter
  • Ramona Elsea (Earl), Daughter
  • Eric Quiroz, Grandchild
  • Hilary Quiroz, Grandchild
  • Jeremy Quiroz (Amber), Grandchild
  • Ariel Chavez (Gabriel), Grandchild
  • Nicolai Quiroz, Grandchild
  • Kasie Amaya (Joe), Grandchild
  • Ryan, Great-Grandchild
  • Jessi Love, Great-Grandchild
  • Zyra, Great-Grandchild
  • Lana, Great-Grandchild
  • Gage, Great-Grandchild
  • Maverik, Great-Grandchild
  • Lily, Great-Grandchild
  • Grant, Great-Grandchild

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  • Funeral Service

    Friday, May 29, 2020

  • Committal Service

    Friday, May 29, 2020


Ruth Retana Quiroz

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Gregory Outley Jr

May 29, 2020

I think the saddest thing for me is that this came so suddenly after everything with Papa... I know you missed him dearly but we all miss you now that you have joined him. And even more so, I actually made my way home with the hopes of seeing you and didn't make it in time to see you guys both one last time. I've been abroad for a long time and you've always wished the best for me and always prayed for my safety and I thank you for that. I just want you to know that I'm very thankful to have such a wonderful charismatic and funny young lady as yourself. One of the best I have known in my life. Even though I'm sad that you're gone, I'm at least glad that you're not alone. Take care of each other up there. We will miss you guys forever and just know that you will live on forever in our hearts <3

Manuel Quiroz Jr.

May 28, 2020

So many wonderful memories i have of my Tia Cuca! I still can't believe it! I know you are happily reunited with Tio Leonard and the rest of our family! I will always remember you and Tio especially on Thanksgiving Day! Making sure we had a good dinner for us! Can't forget to mention the sopita with garlic you would make, my favorite! Until we meet again Tia, may you be blessed with lots of love & happiness in Paradise! Love You!


May 28, 2020

I just had a dream of Grampo and you smiling at me. This made me happy. I miss both of you. I will never forget those times that I went to visit you and you were crocheting. You always asked me how my parents were. You would also cook for me. You are such a good cook and I will miss your cooking. I love listening to all your stories, especially of Grampo and you. You are a caring, giving and loving grandmother. I will always treasure the blankets you crocheted for me. I will never forget the times I've spent with you. Thank you for all your love and for being the best grandmother. I know that Grampo and you are watching over me. I love you Juata.

Sheryl Tillman-Salas

May 26, 2020

Mi Tia,I remember the day Mom Salas and Naomi introduced me to you and Tia Maria.The minute I walked into your kitchen and looked at the both of you ,I felt I was in the mist of royallty. You had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. I knew that you and Tia Maria were beyond women of importance!!! That evening when we left I felt unconditional love in that small amount of time!!!! I too felt the same way!!! Tia my heart breaks when I realize I would never hold your hand ,feel your big hugs. I miss all of you so very much.I love that you were in my life .You blessed me with your stories, smile and your presence most of all .My beautiful One I have the best memories of you.
When you were so sick in the hospital Pina called Naomi and we were blessed to tell you;" we loved you with all our corazon." You told us;" you loved us both." Tia I thank God for letting us talk to you. Im greatful that Pina called us that day.I will forever miss you. Until we meet again, All my Love Sheryl

Naomi Salas

May 26, 2020

My beautiful Querida,
Every morning I would text this;
Mi Reina adorada, good morning, I love you.........
I want to tell you how very much I love you and miss you, you ALWAYS were there for me, I could tell you anything, ANYTHING!! You would listen to my feelings and thoughts and genuinely give me your thoughts and advice, for this I am so very grateful....
You helped fill a piece of my heart as my family began to lose so many,..... our mom, dad and sisters....
You opened your heart, your love, your arms to me over and over.....
You opened your home and welcomed me day or night and without fail you had something so wonderful to eat!!!
You are a beautiful, loving, kind, sweet, caring, giving, smart, wonderful woman I've had the privilege to be a part of your life and can call my family....
My heart hurts and is in pieces waiting to hear from you.... Querida I love you and I pray for all of us who were loved by you...we ALL are in pain and waiting to see you again.... I love and miss you, there are no words that can truly say how I feel....
I love you, your Niña

Angela Highfill

May 26, 2020

Josie and family, your mother was the dearest, sweetest, kindest person I have known. She was always there when I asked her to check on my parents ( Betty and Lowell ). She was a devoted friend to both of them. She will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to you.



May 25, 2020

I still cannot believe that you left us so suddenly. My only comfort is knowing that you are with Dad and he is happy to have you by his side as you have always been until the end. I still remember the first time we met. You gave me a great big hug and you called me "mija". I don't think you knew how much that meant to me. I will miss your hugs. I will never forget your chicken mole, one of my favorites from your cooking - you even taught me how to cook this. I will miss the many times you've made me laugh. I will also miss your many tears of joy. Thank you for being an amazing grandmother and great-grandmother to my children and grandchildren. I can still hear you say to me "I love you more" when I tell you that I love you. Thank you for the unconditional love you have given me throughout these years. You will forever be my "mom".

Joe Amaya

May 25, 2020

You came into my life and quickly found a special place in my heart. From day one you took me in and accepted me as apart of the family. You have helped me in so many ways and I will greatly miss you. You'll forever be in my heart and I know you and papa are together and couldn't be apart. I will miss your smile, hugs, love and most of all your cooking! You always said you cooked with love and that was the truth. Thank you for everything.
Always in my heart ❤️
Your JoJo

Zyra Amaya

May 25, 2020

Hi Wata
I love you and I miss you ❤️
I loved crocheting with you it was fun!
You always made me happy and I loved how beautiful you were. I hope you and papa are having fun together. I miss you guys both and love you.
❤️ Love ❤️

Maverik Amaya

May 25, 2020

I love you wata💙💙
I miss you and I can't wait for your door!
I loved being in your room with you and laying down with you. Your room is lovely. I love you.


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