Luis Omar Perez

June 22, 1976September 1, 2018
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Luis Omar Perez, 42, of Palmyra, passed away on September 1, 2018. Luis was born on June 22, 1976, in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, to Hector Perez and Evelyn Estrada. He joined the Army following his high school graduation and went on to serve for 20 years, retiring honorably from active duty service in September, 2016. Luis served in both the Afghanistan and Iraq theaters during combat, as well as multiple operations overseas throughout his career.

Luis was loved by all who had the honor of meeting him. He poured himself into others and would go out of his way to ensure that they were cared for. His smile and ability to make people laugh was a talent unmatched by most. He touched the lives of many and the positive impact he had on them is undeniable. Luis is survived by his wife, Hillary Perez and his daughter, Leilani Perez. A funeral service will be held on Friday, September 14, 2018, at 1pm, at Teague Funeral Home in Charlottesville. The family will receive friends Thursday, September 13, 2018, from 5-8pm, also at the funeral home. An inurnment with full military honors will be held at Arlington National Cemetery at a later date.



  • Visitation Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • Funeral Service Friday, September 14, 2018


  • Inurnment

Luis Omar Perez

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Kelly Johnson

September 24, 2018

Omar...he always greeted me with a hug & kiss on the cheek. One day I greeted him in kind. With a feigned gasp he said "you're hispanic!" How much I'll miss those greetings. I smile every time I think of it. He was always so kind & thoughtful of those around him. Never have I known anyone so much fun to be around. What a fantastic man with a wonderful wife & daughter. I loved my nephew so very much & will miss him beyond words.
I love you Hillary & Lani

James Wright

September 20, 2018

Omar was my Soldier. I was his Platoon Leader through some of the hardest times of my 24 Army career. We deployed together during OEF and OIF 2002-2004. During all those hard times, living in a sandy hell, away from the ones we loved, Omar always brought a smile to our faces. He was serious at times, but he always knew how to have fun and make us laugh. He worked hard, and he worked in difficult conditions, but I never heard him complain about fixing aircraft and getting them back in the fight. He was loved. He was part of a special group of people who were forced to become a family just to survive. I loved being a Soldier because of this "made up" family. A family made up with people who came from all walks of life, and were all different. Omar was at the center of that family, and we all pulled each other through this experience. I loved Omar, just as I loved all my Soldiers. I felt a huge burden to make sure they all came home safely, with honor. We brought things home that we couldn't leave on the battlefield. It makes us who we are, but we are never the same after. Words cannot express my sympathy for your loss, but know that Omar was loved and we all fought for him. God bless, and never hesitate to reach out to me and Jennie for anything.
Love, Jim
James P. Wright CW4 (Ret) AV
B Co 7-101 AVN Shops Platoon LDR

Mateo Kausek

September 17, 2018

Omar, man where do I start. He was a good cook, a great dad and told me even though I'm autistic I would be able to go into the army like him and my dad. We knew him by his beard and his car, when he pulled up to our house you knew it was story time with a side of awesome meals.
I wish I could have said goodbye.

Ashley Marotta

September 16, 2018

Omar and Hillary were my family away from family when my ex was stationed at Fort Campbell. Omar was always caring and supportive and the one to make you laugh when you just wanted to cry. One of my favorite memories was my 19th birthday. Jason was deployed, I'd only been their neighbor for a month. They invited me over , made dinner and we played board games. After dinner ,Omar came out of the kitchen with a little banana bread loaf (from the bx because they didnt have cupcakes) with a candle in it and they sang happy birthday . It was then I knew they were family.
My heart aches for Hillary and their daughter Leilani. I pray they find peace and understanding through the pain of losing Omar. His smile and laughter was infectious. You will be greatly missed Omar. We love you all. RIP

You will apply your heart to

This was my brother favorite bible verse and has brought me some comfort over the years

Sydney Niswonger

September 16, 2018

Omar was such a character. I think everyone's general impression is going to be the same: overwhelmingly positive. He was just a good guy; a one of a kind.
He always went out of his way to make others feel at home and comfortable. He was a good friend and he was hilarious to boot.
I think that's what I'll miss the most: his stories and sense of humor. Like the woman that needed help getting something off the top shelf and Omar asking, "Ok. How are we going to do this? Am I tossing you up or are you tossing me?" And the apprehensive look he got in response to that joke.
I know his favorite practical joke involved sweeping little patches of dirt but I can't remember how it goes!
Hard to believe he's gone...
He'll be much missed by everyone. I'm glad he left us with a handful of magnificent memories and marvelous stories.

Lane Rodgers

September 15, 2018

Once in your life you meet someone you instantly bond with, and that is how I came to know Omar. We met thru my daughter Beth when Leilani was a baby. We hit it off right away. We used to laugh and joke around during my visits. I can say I never got pranked (thank you). I remember on one visit I asked Omar if I could adopt him as my son and he said "you adopted us the first time we met Mom". That was so true. So I want to say "thank you" Omar, Hillary and Leilani for the honor of having you as my extended family. Love you all and forever you will be in my heart.

Dominic Brown

September 15, 2018

I remember when Omar always play fought with me (probably why I always play fight). I also remember when my mom said that he was the only to show up to the birth of me. He would always joke with me with a big smile on his face.
Me spending time with him has shaped me into who I am today. Omar has inspired me to want to join the armed forces just as he did with my brother. I know that if I say something bad about myself that he would play fight with me and pin me to the grounded saying that I am a great person and that I'm the opposite of what I said. Omar will alway stay with me even if he is gone.

Jordan Brown

September 15, 2018

Omar was always like a second father to me. He never turned his back on me and helped me through any problems I have had. No matter the issue he would always talk me through the problem as soon as he got my message.His teachings will stick with me for the rest of my life and I hope to pass them on to others as well.

Beth Wilson

September 15, 2018

To my extended family, for 17 years you have been there, guiding my way through thick and thin. Omar was my brother in every way possible. He was a hero to his country, family and friends. The man's heart had no boundaries. Whether it was from showing Jordan & Dominic how to succeed (they will be following in his footsteps) or teaching a young Grant about trust falls, we all knew he would be there to catch us, pick us up and encourage us to keep going. We are forever grateful for having him in our life. We will love you forever and your legacy will continue on through us all.

Edward "Mac" McCune

September 15, 2018

Where do I start? I can tell about watching Lani grow from newborn to the beautiful woman she is, despite the crazy eyes, spider snacks, nail polish remodels, and bug zappers. Or I can tell the tale of becoming family and gaining a brother and sister in Omar and Hillary. I can tell how much it meant that my wife and kids were instantly part of the family when they arrived. The echo through the ages of "Hey lady, how are you" as if he didn't just see Brandi yesterday. I can discuss my love of Wheel of Time and the many discussions the books brought on. Or maybe I'll tell about how I created my Bodhi Graves persona because of my Earthdawn Character, the true beginning of my own nerding. Or the many discussions of the finer details of Comics, Marvel vs DC and the abilities and powers of every hero. Maybe I'll tell of the time we lost my dog in his house, turns out portable kennels are hamster balls to boxers. Or deployments, long hours, shoulders, and more. Maybe the idea of half shirts vs one sock. No, I'll share the fondest memory of Omar. Love. Pure, simple, real, honest love. That's what I remember about Omar, love and acceptance.