Lorri Annette PIPE

March 22, 1968February 15, 2021

By Rob P.

Life likes to keep it real

Not like in the movies

The full package deal

Everything else can go wrong

When asked for, it varies.

Anger pounding in my head

The unspoken words sink back

retreating from the tip unsaid

Back into thoughts before long

The pounding starts on track

Slowly silenced by an echo

Rolling into a ROAR of laughters

But the signs begin to show.

My chance to hear it? Gone.

My ability to remember it falters

Acceptance, implies moving on

How do you move on from someone

Who accepted you? It's dawn

And then night without blinking.

Maybe I'll get some sun

And laugh a little like you,

Just maybe not as loud.


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Lorri Annette PIPE

have a memory or condolence to add?

Kathy Godin

February 28, 2021

The moment I met her I loved her
her unselfishness her way of making you feel so special
I wish she was aware of her toxic path she was on
I wish we all had more time to love her
Lorri RIP
I love you

Tracy Bradley

February 26, 2021

Oh Little Lori you will be miss !! Gone way too soon , You were a fun girl.. I will miss your laughter ..perhaps you and Bradd are having a blast ! xox Tracy


February 24, 2021

I have known Lori for a very long time and all I can say is that she was an sweetheart. She was kind and loving to everyone . You will be missed.

Rick & Barb Terlesky

February 23, 2021

Lorri came to us as a foster child when she was just 14 years old. She has been a daughter to us ever since. Here is a poem she wrote and sent to me not more than 2 months ago.
The Gift
The other day a young person asked me how I felt about being old... I don't think of myself as being old.
Old age, I decided is a gift. I am now, probably for the first time in my life, the person I have always wanted to be. Often I am taken back by that aging person who lives in the mirror.
I would never trade my friends, my life or my family for less gray hair or a flatter belly.
As the years go by, I've become less critical of myself, I've become my own friend. I don't punish myself for not making my own bed or eating that extra cookie or buying those extra things I don't need.
I'm entitled to a treat, to be messy, to be me. I will dance with myself and listen to those tunes and at the same time...wish to weep over a lost love...I will. I have seen too many loved ones leave this world too soon; before they were blessed with the joy of aging.
I know sometimes I am forgetful. But then again, somethings in life are best forgotten. I do remember what is important. Sure, over the years my heart has been broken. How can a heart not break when you lose a loved one or when a child suffers.
This is what gives us strength, compassion and understanding. I am blessed to be living long enough to have graying hair and to have those good belly laughs. I will always remember I even learned it's be wrong.
So the answer to the question.......
I like getting old
I like the person I have become
I will not live forever, but while I am here, I will not waste time.


Lorri Pipe

Eileen McDonald

February 23, 2021

For a couple of years now, I’ve been getting to know Lorri in between her busy life. There was so much love she had for life, her family and the ones she adopted as family. So young, she had so much more she wanted to do and I am sure see. Her bright light is now cheering us all on to continue for her....this bright star is everlasting

sarah Levesque

February 22, 2021

a boy and his bestfriend

Myralyn Grindon

February 22, 2021

I met Lorri many years ago outside The Port Moody Inn. We talked for a bit. She was cheerful and kind to me. I am so sorry to hear the news. My dearest sympathies to all her family and her many friends
Myralyn Grindon

Gerri-Linn Smalley

February 19, 2021

....I have no words but LOVE ~ Thank you all for Loving my Dearest Friend. My fullest feeling of understanding your Loss. She will surround you all forever. Shine on Lorri...I Love you my Lil Sugar Booger. I look forward to holding your hand again. All my Love and strength to your family and friends Dolly!

Stella Gordon

February 18, 2021

I worked with Lorri many years ago at The Port Moody Inn. A lovely person full of life love laughter and personality. She was so personable.. fun and witty. My condolences to her family on her loss. R.I.P Lorri.