Henry Joseph Lalumia

November 23, 1928November 20, 2018
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With great sadness, we announce the passing of Henry J. Lalumia, beloved father, grandfather, great grandfather, brother and uncle who left this world November 20, 2018 to be rejoined with his beloved Angie. Henry was born November 23, 1928 to Joseph and Rose Lalumia in Independence, Louisiana. Henry is preceded in death by parents Joseph and Rose, his wife Angeline, brothers Frank I, Salvatore, and Frank II, sisters Mamie, Josephine, Jennie, Frances, Mary, and Lena.

Henry is survived by his sister Rose Barraco (Joe), son Andrew (Shilia), daughters Rosanne and Debra (Trey), grandchildren Angela, Sara Rose (Grant), Josh, Nick (Veronica), Matthew (Alecia), Lauren (Jayson), Sam, and Meagan (Richard), great grandchildren Jonathan, Anthony, Luke, Skylar, Addy, Greyson, Daisy, Levi and Stevie Rose.

Before moving to Chicago at the age of 14, Henry, along with his brothers and sisters helped on the family’s farm. After a short time in Chicago, Henry moved to Dallas and began what was to be a lifelong career in the grocery business. At the age of 26, Henry entered the US Army, and after training shipped out to Korea where he put his management skills to work running the Officer’s Club. Upon his return home, Henry fell in love with Angeline Terranella and they married June 16, 1957 in Dallas. Henry owned and operated Joe’s Groceries on Caldwell Street during which time daughters Rosanne and Debra were born. Son Andrew soon followed. In 1975 Henry and his brother Sal opened L&L Grocery in Kaufman, Texas which they operated, along with L&L Laundromat. After retiring from the grocery business, Henry put his people skills to use as a security officer at the Boy Scout Museum in Irving Texas where he greatly enjoyed the interaction with the museum’s visitors.

Henry was a lifetime 3rd Degree member of the Knights of Columbus Council 799. Upon leaving the Boy Scout Museum, Henry filled his time fishing and visiting with his nephews. Henry also enjoyed spending endless hours with his grandchildren and great grandchildren of whom he was always quick to praise and brag about.

Pallbearers: Nicolas Llewellyn, Mathew Lalumia, Josh Lalumia, Sam Llewellyn, Anthony Lankford, Jonathan Hogland


  • Rosary Service Monday, November 26, 2018
  • Funeral Service Monday, November 26, 2018
  • Committal Service Monday, November 26, 2018

Henry Joseph Lalumia

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Michael Saragusa

December 8, 2018

Uncle Henry was not only my uncle, he was also my best friend. I will miss his beautiful deep voice and the numerous phone calls that were always the highlight of my day. We would have in depth discussions on what to do when,not if, we win the lottery. There was even a plan to start a large cucuzza farm, buy our own heavy equipment and build a large lake, whatever. But he always included all his faimly in the plan because that was what was most important to him. He was so proud of his family and how well everyone was doing. That gave him the most joy and I am blessed to have been part of his family.

Sara Bohne

December 7, 2018

From a man in kaufman that owned the dealership next to Papa and Uncle Sal

Johnny Murrey- Henry Lalumia and Sal opened L & L Grocery and L & L Laundromats next to my business in Kaufman TX. The first day they opened Henry came to my place of business and wanted to make sure we were going to make good neighbors and if something ever came up that was not right that I was supposed to let him know. He wanted to be my friend and he was. Henry was a gentlemen and did what he said he would do. He always had a smile on his face and made you feel good just being around him. I am very sorry for the loss of Henry. I will keep his family in my prayers and keep his family in my prayers. If we had more people like Henry this world would be a better place!

Sara Bohne

December 7, 2018

Matt- I have a few great memories of Papa. One is watching the Cowboys play, they always got him excited. I also loved going fishing with him. You could see in his face how happy fishing made him. But the one thing I will remember the most was his whistling. Every time I hear someone whistling it will remind me of him.

Josh- I loved eating crawfish with Papa every Easter. He always had a special place at the end of the table and everyone would gather around him and eat.

Lauren- I remember on Christmas somethings we would go over there and he would by a bunch of lottery tickets and throw them out for everyone to fight over. That was really fun. Every time I went to the house he would be the first one I would run to give a hug to. He was so proud of all of us.

Sam- Papa loved all of us so much and was so proud of all of usOne time I was in the living room and Papa was in the kitchen. I could hear him on the phone and he started crying. I thought something bad had happened so I started listening to see what was going on. Then he started laughing so I was really confused. He was still wiping his eyes when he got off the phone. It turned out that Sara had called him to tell him she got a promotion. It truly made him happy to see us succeed and be happy.

Meagan and Richard- My favorite memory of Papa was when Richard and I went to visit Papa last year and we sat for hours just listening to him tell us stories and he had us both try his favorite honey whiskey, twice! We loved that!

Jonathan- My favorite memory of Papa was getting to go to the farm with Papa and Michael Saragusa and riding on the side by side around the farm.

Luke’s favorite memory of Papa is dancing with Papa’s cane and fishing at Michael Saragusa’s farm with him.

Sara Bohne

December 7, 2018

Sara- There are too many memories to count but one of my favorites was at my wedding-which also happened to be Papa’s birthday- Papa walks to the dance floor, threw his cane on the ground and started dancing with me. A moment I will never forget.
I’m also fortunate that Papa got to meet and spend time with my children. My favorite memories are of him watering the plants with Greyson and all of the rides they had on his walker.

Nick- About ten years ago me and Papa went to Metzers lake to fish. The property has two lakes. The back lake had the best bass fishing but papa told me stories about the male an female geese that would attack you on the boat. So me and Papa are fishing the front lake when he said, lets go to the other lake. I said you sure you want to mess with those geese? He said “yeah” so we went back there and as soon as we got into the boat those 2 geese made a b-line for us. Papa started swinging his pole and paddle at them while I was working the trolling motor. He’s cussing and yelling at them, the wings are hitting us in the face and Papa finally connected with one of them. We stayed on the lake and ended up catching about 10 bass that day while fighting off the geese.

Veronica- I’m unsure of which of the many get togethers it was but everyone was crowded around the table. I was behind Papa and to avoid us stepping on each other I casually put my hands on his waist as I moved over. That man jumped with the reflexes of a cat and yelled Hey! Turned around and said “Now I don’t like being tickled. You better watch it” I told him it was an accident. But later I tried on purpose and he grabbed my wrists so fast it scared me. He just laughed. After that, he wasn’t foolin me. I knew he could move pretty quick with the right motivation.

Sara Bohne

December 7, 2018

Shelia- The memories I have of my father in law are the way he truly and genuinely loved me and my children. It was evident not only in his presence around us but the fact that he would tell everyone how proud he was of his grandchildren and myself. He truly had a heart of gold, people that used to go to his grocery store will come into our shop in Kaufman and tell us what a wonderful man he was and how good he was to them. I
I loved it when the guys invited me to go fishing with them. One of our last trips we were fishing on a small boat and no fish were biting, however that didn’t stop Andrew from fishing out snakes our of the water and me an Henry were yelling at him fiercely. I loved it because Henry was always on my side even with I would frequently threaten to punch Andrew he encouraged me.
By far my favorite memory was the smile on his face Sunday November 19, 2018 when I told him I loved him and said I love you too Shilia. There has never been a day in the 19 years that I have known him that I ever saw him sad or angry. He was always a happy man. He was truly a blessed man who has blessed many. He has left me with the greatest thing he could have “My Andrew” And lets just say the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Angela- My favorite memory of Papa growing up was getting to spend the night with him on the weekends and going to work at the store with him. I thought I was so special to get to sit behind the counter and work. As an adult, words can’t describe what it has been like to see Papa with my own kids. He loved them so much and his face would light up as soon as they would walk in the house. Addy especially loved to steal Papa’s chair every chance she got, which resulted in Papa chasing her and sitting his lap every time he sat down to eat and eating his food which Papa happily shared.

Sara Bohne

December 7, 2018

Andrew- My favorite memories with my dad was being blessed enough to work with him every day in my younger years, our early morning trips to farmers market to get produce for grocery store then stopping in at Brownies on East Grand for breakfast. I loved our fishing trips to Metzers farm and the Saragusa farm together. Those are the memories I will never forget. Trey- One of my favorite memories of Henry was when I first started working for AAFES and we both got up really early to be at work. We used to read the paper together and read it out loud to each other when we saw something interesting or that the other would like. I think this probably drove Debbie crazy on the weekends when we would do it at breakfast.

Dad loved his card games with his family and friends. I will never forget the time it was dad’s time to host the game. I was dead asleep and awoke to a yelling argument in the kitchen over the card game. You would have thought they had some high stakes on that game but to my surprise it was an all out war over nickels and dimes. Dad loved his game nights and looked forward to them.
My all time favorite Sunday afternoons were both of us screaming at the TV that neither of us could fully hear because we both needed hearing aids during the Cowboys game or an intense western as if it would change the outcome. Watching the western movies together, that was the best. I will never forget the love he had for the entire family and friends. He truly blessed an touched the lives of many.

Sara Bohne

December 7, 2018

Rosanne- My favorite memories of my dad is getting to go to Graceland with my mom and dad and getting to work in the store with him growing up.

Debbie- Dad is my hero and has always been my hero. He was the hero that drove around and around Dallas to make us think that we were going on some far away vacation when really we were going to a hotel in Dallas and got swim in the pool.
My hero that never raised his voice but had that look and you wished that he would just yell at you instead. He had that look until his last days.
My hero that surprised me when I went to pick up my little red Vega from the repair shop and had a white Gran Torino waiting for me.
My hero who fixed everything, made everything right, took care of everybody and never judged any of us.

Trey- One of my favorite memories of Henry was when I first started working for AAFES and we both got up really early to be at work. We used to read the paper together and read it out loud to each other when we saw something interesting or that the other would like. I think this probably drove Debbie crazy on the weekends.

Sam Lalumia

December 6, 2018

During my life Uncle Henry told me many stories about his life on the farm ,in Korea, and his time in Dallas. I would sit and listen to every word as if I had never heard them before even though I had heard them many times . At the end of his life as his memory was fading, I could even finish his sentences. I finally realized the stories were for me not him to teach me what's important in life.